Impact of marketing automation

  • Marketing has changed the world drastically in the last decade
  • Marketing Automation is changing people’s work, interactions, and life habits
  • Senior care communities need to grasp the digital world to expand their growth and brand awareness
  • It generates 300% more leads and increases sales by 150%

1) Increased Brand Identity

  • Brand awareness is a prominent  part of the decision making process
  • It acts as a bridge of trust between brands and consumers
  • It increases customer experience by up to 84%

2) Increased Traffic 

  • It increases website traffic by 30%
  • User persona blogs with proper keywords and unique content increased traffic 10% more than others

3) Increased Revenue

  • Revenue growth is a key metric of your success in satisfying customers
  • Business with marketing automation increases 77% of effective revenue
  • It drives upto 14.5% increase in sales productivity

4) Increased organic position

  • It is one of the easiest ways to reach the targeted audience.
  • The top search results for a keyword on google get 70% of the business more than others. 

5) Transparency

  • Everyone needs to interact with the companies before purchasing.
  • To interact with consumers loyalty and brand need to be more transparent.
  • It creates transparency between consumers and improves 94% engagement. 

With Marketing Automation 

  • Increase 90% productivity 

Without Marketing Automation

  • Increase 50% productivity