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Ignite Your Passion : Enroll Today, Excel Tomorrow!    Ignite Your Passion : Enroll Today, Excel Tomorrow!    Ignite Your Passion : Enroll Today, Excel Tomorrow!    Ignite Your Passion : Enroll Today, Excel Tomorrow!Ignite Your Passion : Enroll Today, Excel Tomorrow!    Ignite Your Passion : Enroll Today, Excel Tomorrow!    Ignite Your Passion : Enroll Today, Excel Tomorrow!    Ignite Your Passion : Enroll Today, Excel Tomorrow!

Capture More Leads For Your Business


Stay organized and never miss an opportunity with ELMA CRM’s dynamic Smart Lists and convenient bulk actions. Manage your contacts and leads effortlessly, even on the go, with our Mobile App.

Website & Funnel Builder

Build stunning, lightning-fast websites and funnels effortlessly with ELMA’s drag-and-drop builder. Dynamically update content, images, and colors with custom fields, and save time with thousands of responsive templates.


Showcase your expertise with ELMA’s blogging feature, creating engaging posts that answer your prospects’ questions. Use AI to write high-quality content, distribute your posts with RSS feeds and email notifications.

Forms & Surveys

Capture leads with custom forms embedded in ELMA funnels, websites, or any platform. Segment leads with custom surveys, and embed forms as pop-ups to ensure clear calls-to-action on any site.

Smart Webchat Widget

Send SMS with ELMA’s Smart Webchat Widget, enabling visitors to start conversations instantly. Continue chats via text messages with real-time responses, and easily install the widget on any website.

FB & TikTok Lead Forms

Generate leads seamlessly from Facebook and TikTok with ELMA—integrate lead forms directly into your CRM for instant nurture sequences. Streamline ad scaling with automated engagement for every lead.

Nurture & Close Prospects Into Customers


Build limitless automations with ELMA Workflows for automated lead nurturing. Seamlessly connect with clients through Email, SMS, voicemail, and social media, integrating with Google and Slack for comprehensive communication solutions.

Social Media Scheduler

Effortlessly create and schedule content with ELMA’s Social Media Planner, powered by AI for quick content creation & easy management via calendar & CSV uploads. Access thousands of industry-specific templates in our Library ready-to-post.

Online Scheduling

Simplify booking with ELMA’s fully automated scheduling system, ensuring no missed calls or appointments. Customize calendars for individuals, teams, & webinars, with personalized booking pages and robust features like round-robin assignments.

Courses & Memberships

Create and sell digital products, membership courses, and coaching programs effortlessly with ELMA. Customize courses for onboarding, coaching, and training, and offer fully stocked memberships with quizzes, assessments, and custom mobile apps.


Organize leads and contacts efficiently with ELMA’s customizable Pipelines, guiding leads through stages to conversion. Automate follow-ups with drag-and-drop, and utilize optimization reports from each Pipeline to enhance future campaigns/funnels.

Turn Customers Into Positive Reviews And Repeat Buyers

Reputation Center

Efficiently manage reviews with ELMA’s centralized platform, engage with feedback, and use the review widget to showcase positive reviews. Monitor brand perception and trends with the Reputation Management Tab for informed decision-making.

Review Requests

Stay informed with ELMA’s “Conversations” tab for instant review notifications and easy engagement. Automate review requests via email and text using Workflows, and use advanced filters in Reputation Management for efficient review monitoring.


Enhance your business visibility with ELMA’s Yext integration, managing and updating listings across top citation sources seamlessly. Monitor listing health and resolve issues swiftly using our streamlined management system.

Review Widget

Easily post 5-star reviews across websites with our reviews widget, ensuring consistency and responsive formatting for all devices. Showcase your dedication to client satisfaction with updated reviews that impress prospective customers.

Scale Your Business Like Never Before

SaaS Mode

Scale rapidly with ELMA’s full automation of client account creation, user provisioning, and billing. Customize plans with drag-and-drop ease, set pricing, offer trials, and profit from SaaS Mode by adding margins on email, SMS, and AI usage.

White Label

With ELMA’s white label experience, your staff will only see your logo and branding, from the login page to the in-app interface. Upgrade to a white-labeled mobile app to match your brand  and control all system and login links for a seamless brand experience.


Scale your business rapidly with Snapshots, cloneable bundles of everything you build, from websites to funnels. Continuously update shared Snapshots with granular control, and share them via links tied to your ELMA’s Affiliate Account for referral credits.

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