When a crisis hits, your people will rely on you for quick, effective communication – and you can rely on us. We’ve helped our customers weather every storm and we’ve got you covered.
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Send timely, personalized, relevant messages to large groups, small groups, or a specific person. Ensure communication can be delivered when it matters most.

Mobile - Emergency Message


Keep recipients safe and informed during an emergency.

When a medical emergency happens, you need to get the word out to caregivers and family members without delay. RMS not only lets you get your messages out quickly, but also receive real time feedback to help you make smart decisions on providing the best possible care to your elderly residents. With RMS – ENS , you can get word out to your caregivers, family members, management, and other groups.


Easily send messages to staff and other caregiver groups of any size on internal matters such as upcoming medical care training sessions, open shifts, and more. You can also get real time feedback that your staff has read and acknowledged your message.

Mobile - Staff Meeting


Shift requirements can change based on the needs of your elderly residents meaning they can fluctuate quickly and dramatically on a regular basis. With RMS, you can notify care givers if you need or don’t need them as well as fill open shifts giving the ability to best serve the needs of your elderly residents.


RMS Emergency Notification System Has The Features You Need

  • Send alerts from any device with one clickr

    • Send alerts from any device including desktop, tablet, mobile, iPhone or Android devices.
    • Your recipients can even notify you via text about issues or security alerts. With two-way communication and acknowledgment, your recipients can respond to your messages with their own alerts and updates, allowing you to know what’s happening and analyze real-time feedback.
  • Get status updates with 2-way communication

    • Real-time updates allow you to always know the status of your employees. Updates include read receipts
  • 99.5% Up-time & SLA-backed reliability 

    • Off-site hosting ensures that our system will be available even if your infrastructure is down. 99.5% uptime is guaranteed even during major regional disasters.



A crisis arises

An emergency arises when a staff calls off in the last minute. You need to communicate to everyone assigned to that location including PRN and part time staff.


Send an ENS message

Blast an alert via text to employees assigned to the building asking them to respond if they are available to work.


Follow Up

You then follow up with the limited number of people who responded to confirm the shift.


Gain Insight

With the two-way text conversation, your recipients can communicate if they are available or not available making it easier to follow up.