Create Your Staff Schedule Visually

Schedule smarter and faster with our powerful yet easy-to-use scheduler. Create conflict-free schedules, import schedules from template and more.

  • Automatic Notification

    Publish schedules electronically to notify staff of schedule changes in real time.

  • Unlimited Schedule Templates

    Easily create different employee schedules templates for eg caregiver, nurse or server etc with different settings for each work team within your organization. (You can create as many as you want)

  • Schedule Smarter

    Schedule Staff  allows you to schedule smarter by letting you work with the most current and accurate data. Know who is available, who is on overtime, who is on vacation etc

  • Open Scheduling

    Schedule Staff allows you to communicate open shifts in real time eliminating the need for a staff to call employees for coverage.

  • Multiple Employee Schedulers

    Have more than one person in your business that manages the scheduling? No problem – you can grant individual employees access to whichever schedules you need.

  • Draft/Publish Schedules

    Schedule Staff provides the ability to create schedules in a draft mode making them unavailable to your staff. Publish the schedules with a click of the mouse, and we’ll take care of tracking any changes, and notifying affected employees.

  • Notifications

    Sms & E-mail Notifications on events such as Open Shift, Swap Shift, Vacation Requests, New Messages, and Upcoming Shifts.

  • Multiple Locations/Divisions

    Built-in multiple facility support means that you can setup your account just the way you need within one location and multiple.

  • Schedule Templates

    Using our online schedule maker you have the ability to copy schedules forward, which  means that you can setup schedules in minutes, not hours.

  • Schedule Conflicts

    Schedule Staff Conflict system is working in real time to ensure that you don’t post a schedule with conflicts..

  • Print Schedules

    Schedule Staff, allows you to quickly print beautiful hard copies of your schedules handy for posting at work and other offline use. We print in multiple formats with lots of customizable settings that can even be exported to .pdf, .csv and .xls.

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