10 Proven eCommerce Marketing Strategies that Drive Sales in 2022

Would you like to generate more eCommerce sales for your business? Well, who wouldn’t?  With online sales set to surpass the 7.4 trillion mark by 2025, everyone’s scrambling to get a piece of the cake which makes it especially challenging to stand out. If you’re looking for a mix of powerful yet easy-to-execute eCommerce marketing strategies to get you ahead, our digital marketing service has just the infographic for you. 


Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

  • 54% of consumers would like to see more videos from brands. Hence, create more product video listings
  • 31% of leads click on shopping ads. Get your products seen with well-structured PPC marketing
  • 2,500,00 billion people use social media. Leverage user-generated content to run social media ads
  • 50% of people worldwide use email. Personalize email campaigns to boost traffic & sales
  • 63% of marketers sight new lead generation as the top challenge. Use YouTube for eCommerce for more leads
  • 66% of consumers don’t trust brands. Bolster your reputation & exposure with influencer marketing
  • 75% of buyers prefer businesses that offer rewards over those that don’t. To implement customer loyalty programs & other incentives
  • 80 million was the total number of social buyers in the US in 2020. Set up a social eCommerce store to cash in
  • 30% is the upturn in revenue you stand to gain by making your eCommerce store voice search capable.
  • 84% of buying decisions are influenced by reviews. Create positive experiences and show off your social proof.