Improve communication and efficiency in tracking time, reporting, and payroll.

Improve communication and efficiency in tracking time, reporting, and payroll.

Replace Manual Processing.

Our system fully eliminates the need to do any kind of manual processing. With the help of automation and a completely streamlined system, you can greatly reduce the time you used to invest in managing payrolls and keeping track of your employees’ attendance.

  • Save 50% More Time Managing Attendance and Payroll
  • Minimal Effort Needed for Proper Long-Term Management

Eliminate Time and Attendance Errors.

It’s difficult to avoid errors if the information you need (via reports and other data sources) aren’t readily available. These factors serve as the main culprits for the said errors, and they are directly addressed by our system. 

  • Cloud-based Time Clock Paytime Time Tracker (PTT)
  • Detailed Payroll and Attendance Timesheets
  • Get Accessible, Accurate Information All theTime

Automated Alerts and Visual Notifications.

Automated alerts and notifications erase the need to send out reminders to staff manually. 

  • Automated Alerts Sent to Staff for Exceeded Hours
  • Real-Time Notification of Staff Clock-Ins and Clock-Outs
  • Visual Text Notifications 
  • Additional Notifications for Scheduled Shifts and Changes in Schedules

Smart Software for Flexible Working.

The pay time tracking software integrated into Genexod is designed with smart technology and versatility in mind. 

  • Secure and Remote Clock-Ins and Clock-Outs for Staff
  • Comprehensive Interface with Numerous Attendance and Payroll Management Tools
  • One-Stop Solution Design
  • Add Facilities and Staff as Users in Every Pay Period
  • In-Depth Insight into Every Staff’s Attendance and Payroll Information
  • Real-time Information about Completed Shifts and Those in Progress
  • Highly Scalable and Customizable Reports
  • Better Overall Visibility of Facility’s Current State

Achieve Payroll Accuracy.

Remove the possibility of incurring avoidable losses and better employee satisfaction by achieving better payroll accuracy. We are proud to say that our online employee attendance management system is designed with that specific major senior care management issue in mind. 

  • Close and Accurate Payroll and Clock-In and Clock-Out Tracking
  • Detailed Reports of Payroll Periods
  • Highly Accurate Payroll that Improves Productivity

Simple Payroll Reports – View & Print.

Our system’s minimalistic report creation and viewing interface ensure you will save plenty of time and effort when performing this crucial accounting step. 

  • Organize Shifts into Highly Detailed Reports
  • Add Any Pertinent Information Regarding Attendance and Payroll
  • Create, View, and Print Reports for All Employees 
  • Export Finished Reports to Your Computer or Another Compatible Device
  • Customize Reports According to Your Current Needs
  • Give Individual User Access to Reports 
  • Track Overtime, Vacation Time, Sick Leaves, and Paid Holidays