At Genexod, we readily transmit our desire and passion to uplift the lives of seniors by improving their quality of life. Our digital signage solutions, through GSign Digital Signage, are but one of the best ways in which we manage to do this. By ensuring optimal communication transmitted at unprecedented velocities and versatility, we open up more opportunities to educate, engage, and empower your residents and staff. 

As highly recognized digital signage providers, our solutions easily stand out because they are:

  • Cost-friendly
  • User-friendly
  • Primarily web-based for greater accessibility
  • Versatile
  • Innately scalable


It’s time to revolutionize the way you communicate today. Let us know your needs, so we can promptly advise you regarding the best solution for it and, in turn, develop an effective plan of action.

The versatility of our digital signage solutions shines the brightest in the way we are able to deploy them in multiple scenarios, not least of which are the following:

  • With our digital signage software for Smart TV, you can turn any TV monitor available into a reliable medium of communication to quickly connect with clients, families, and employees.
  • There is no limit to the number and types of rooms and venues where we can efficiently deploy our solutions. From the lobby and dining room to the recreation center and employee lounge, we always have a ready solution for proper deployment in these areas. 
  • With our AI-powered digital signage, you can easily mold your content according to purpose, your audience, or location. For example, you can change and show the menu for the day in the dining area. To gym-goers, you can smoothly share the current activities in the gym.
  • We also provide digital signage corporate communications solutions. Rest assured that we have competent tools that can readily adapt to your enterprise-level requirements. 

These are but some of the ways G-Sign Digital Signage caters to small and medium-sized businesses that are in need of a straightforward and effective communication medium, which can assuredly grab the attention of their target audience.


Transform any TV monitor into an effective communication medium to engage Employees, Clients and Families.

  • Control content on TV from any Device (PC/Mobile)

  • No IT staff needed to manage


  • Activities

    • Display activities events of the day and upcoming events
  • Dietary Menu

    • Showcase dining options with accompanying photos at the appropriate location and time
  • Lobby

    • Welcome new residents with a personalized message so they feel at home right from move-in day
  • Employee Break Room

    • Regularly celebrate employee contributions, introduce new residents, and broadcast HR announcements
  • Common Area

    • Share a schedule of activities, galleries of past events, weather, news, and anything else to help kickoff the day
  • Corporate Communication

    • Broadcast company wide communication and culture
  • Testimonial

    • Display satisfied client testimonials and share success stories
  • And Much More


  • Remote Management

    Thanks to our senior living digital signage’s support for remote management, we can guarantee nothing less than easy accessibility at any time. 

    • As an admin, gain ready control of all administrative functions remotely. 
    • Manage one or more digital signs from a single account.
  • Dynamic Content

    • Our intelligent digital signage allows you to display dynamic content that can promptly change based on the residents’ interests or preferences. 
    • Show complete websites or display entire social media feeds
  • Scheduling Calendar

    • With this feature, you can plan every content you want to show at any given time frame, so you won’t have to do it manually every time.
  • Cloud Technology:

    • Our cloud-based digital signage software allows our solutions to readily enjoy the benefits of the said technology like better scalability to substantial cost savings.
  • Multi-Device Control:

    • Acquire all the freedom you need to manage your signages from numerous devices, be it from your computer or smartphone.

Are you ready to set up a communication foundation for your business that is not only future-proof but also highly engaging for your target audience? Digital signages definitely manage to impart these advantages – with the right planning and execution, that is. With GSign Digital Signage, we guarantee just that and our heartfelt full support. 

Now is the time to level up the way you relay vital information to your audience. You can begin by taking the time to fill out the form below.


Why Us?

We create and manage professional looking content

Visual Communication to Improve Quality-of-Life

Visual Communication to Improve Quality-of-Life

We are passionate about crafting valuable experiences in retirement homes and long-term care facilities to reflect personalized preferences and community values.

Enhance Resident Experience

Enhance Resident Experience

The personal touch of your great staff and a welcome environment is amplified using the right visual communications. We deliver big, bold messages and imagery to engage residents and help fulfill a more active lifestyle.

Educate Staff

Educate Staff

Your staff is dedicated to providing exceptional care for the seniors in your homes. We’re dedicated to helping you educate staff by effectively communicating the latest health and safety protocols, new allergy alerts, the latest training courses, upcoming events and more


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