Resident Management

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive Resident Management solution (RMS) that is easy to use. Resident care has never been simpler. RMS delivers a simple, modern and affordable solution.


An comprehensive module to manage staff profile, schedules, vacation request, swap request and much more.

Functional Assessment

Automated functional assessment to determine level of care. Create Custom assessments for provider specific assessment.

State Reporting

Regulatory state compliance reports in real time.

Assisted Living Resident Management Software (RMS)

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive Resident Management solutions (RMS) that is affordable and easy to use. We took extra care researching and partnering with care providers to develop a product that enables staff focus on providing high quality care.

“RMS” empowers your staff to use a process that enables deficiency free state compliance. Our easy-to-use interface helps owners, operators and staff, manage residents, prevent errors and increase profits. This is a unified residential care management software for Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities. RMS improves collaboration and communication across various departments. Provides a unified process to manage the operation and care.

In addition, “RMS” was designed and developed to provide services, support and upgrades to software products seamlessly. Our single point solution enables your staff monitor, track and manage care across all departments and facilities from any location. We provide custom training to meet the needs of your staff and facility. Our support staff will be available during and after deployment to assist and train your staff. We track changes to regulations and provide automated updates to support state compliance.

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