If you’ve been in the assisted living industry for a while now, you’re probably already well aware that senior living marketing is an entirely different playing field. There is a general consensus among senior living marketing services that it’s a competitive arena. This is even though there are thousands of searches being made per hour related to senior living.

If that’s the case, then why is it different to capture those coveted leads? Why do your brand awareness campaigns appear to bite dust even before they launch? If you’re among the many community owners clamoring for senior living marketing and advertising solutions, allow us to present to you our very own 10-step action plan for addressing these lingering challenges.

The Secret Is Adopting an Effective Multi-Pronged Approach

Actually… It’s not a secret anymore. We all know that you can’t go far in digital marketing if you only rely, for example, on SEO for senior living. When we say “multi-pronged” approach, it’s just about exploring other avenues to sustain any kind of marketing campaign and give it the breathing space to grow.

It’s how you execute your campaign that’s the key to its success, hence why we need to underscore the word “effective”. Anyway, we’ll let our action plan speak for itself. Take the time to read it so you’ll know what makes the Genexod senior living marketing solution unique.

Step One: Designing your website

As an assisted living marketing agency will say, the website is the online doorway to your community. We’re going to design it with that in mind. It should readily exhibit what makes your community unique: its services, amenities, and culture.

To ensure maximum visibility, we’re going to optimize its content based on essentials like keywords, using engaging page titles, meta descriptions, and other on-page SEO factors.
Additionally, we’re going to design it to make the user experience as excellent as your efforts in introducing your community to visitors through tours.

Step Two: Directory Listing

Not only is a directory listing still a great, ever-reliable way to easily boost online visibility, but it provides plenty of opportunities to gather testimonials. We also can’t deny how helpful this is for local SEO.

Google My Business alone can do wonders for possible free, exponentially-growing traffic. We’ll make sure to work with the best listings for your community.

Step Three: Conducting SEO

The most powerful tool in any senior living marketing agency’s arsenal, SEO is still the best way to acquire exposure and organic traffic for your community. In assisted living, content is still king, as are the keywords you choose to target.

Equally important are how you choose your keyword placements, usage of compelling visuals, and, of course, backlinks. With Genexod, we’ll tackle them all with our unique strategies that also include local SEO.

Step Four: Launching PPC campaigns

Paid ads remain a viable solution for those who want to acquire traffic without having to wait for SEO ranking boosts to kick in. At Genexod, we’ve developed a step-by-step process when conducting our PPC campaigns.

Each one is equally vital to optimize any type of campaign. What’s sure is that we’ll be hands-on in everything, from keyword research and ad creation to campaign assessment and analysis and feedback.

Step Five: Passionate story-telling through Social Media Marketing

Did you know that the number of senior users on Facebook is continually growing every year? That’s practically a goldmine of leads that are waiting to be your future residents! Messaging and story-telling are vital in this kind of marketing.

How you craft your posts affirms how much you know your audience. Let us guide you all the way and bear the burden of taking care of this time-consuming vital step.

Step Six: Building relationships through Email Marketing

This is another step where you need to be able to send messages that resonate with the elderly and their families. We’re always aiming for emails that make the most impact. After all, these serve to properly sow the seeds that will bring forth a firmly-rooted relationship with your residents.

Without a doubt, you’ll agree that we should assure nothing less than that to keep your occupancy rates in the green.

Step Seven: Banner/Display Advertising

We’ll go for ads that are as eye-catchy as possible. Interactive ads are all the rage for good reason. What’s sure is that we’ll use only those that deliver the best conversions for seniors and ROI for you.

Step Eight: Content Marketing

Any community will gain all the exposure it needs through the regular creation of quality-driven blog posts, success stories, effective use of media like short videos and presentations, and feedback.

Like writing a good story, content marketing takes time. It needs to undergo frequent edits (updates) to finally make itself compelling. Allow us to assist you in this endeavor.

Step Nine: Growing your brand’s value through Reputation Management

Online visibility, to reach its fullest potential, needs to be boosted by your brand’s reputation. Once your community’s reputation takes a hit, it can be hard to get it back, thus rendering all your efforts to waste.

At Genexod, we understand this common plight that many communities have to endure so we take active steps to keep our partners’ reputations spick and span.

Step Ten: Easing things up with Marketing Automation

Our marketing automation is undoubtedly one of the main things that make us stand out. We know the value of automating tedious but important steps like sending emails, posting on social media, and even lead generation. It’s what makes sure we’re always a step or two ahead of the competition!


Central to this plan is the Genexod touch. Without it, we would not have stood out to our past clients. We know the ins and outs of senior living marketing. We are also always on the lookout for the latest, promising trends in digital marketing. This is why we are confident that we can help our clients overcome the persistent issues they continue to weather, which are keeping their efforts from bearing fruit.