Not pleased with your current site ranking and are perhaps hoping to go a couple of spots better in 2023? Or maybe you’ve worked your socks off to establish a strong ranking and want to know what digital marketing trends will rule next year so you can keep on thriving? Either way, our digital marketing company has you covered. Different studies place web traffic for the first Google page to be anywhere between a mammoth 70 and 92%, reinforcing just why you need to appear where it matters most. Let’ these 12 strategies help you rank up this year through to the next: 

Get your loading speed up

Not sure how fast your page loads up? Head over to Google’s PageSpeed insights to find out and even get a score to see how your fair against the rest. Before 2018, page speed had been a ranking signal primarily for desktop traffic.  

That has changed since with the surge in mobile searches, so it’s now a huge ranking factor across devices. You’d do well to let an online marketing service help you accelerate your load time. 

Work into featured snippets

Featured snippets are also one of the digital marketing trends that more businesses will try to leverage going into 2023. Here’s a little secret on how to get featured:

  • Harness a keyword you already rank for
  • Answer the questions in the “people also ask” section
  • Add succinct snippet content that fits into the above answer box 

Work on your dwell time

Want to improve your Google ranking? Any digital marketing company will tell you you need to reduce your bounce rate, or in other words, increase your dwell time. Embedded videos can come in handy in this regard, with statistics showing that such pages perform better than video-less pages, if you will, by over 11% in terms of bounce rate.  

Push more traffic with site linked ToCs

If you’d like to improve your organic click-through, metadata optimization is key. Beyond that, site links can also help. For example, if you create a new piece of content containing 5 tips on a topic, you could create a table of content and each tip will have a link that jumps to it. Try this tactic today and let us know your click-through rate in a couple of weeks.

Use keywords with commercial intent

Traffic shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor when choosing keywords. It’s important to also factor in commercial intent. In other words, keywords that Google ad marketers are spending good money on. 

A certain keyword may have a low search volume but if the CPC is high, then that means it’s reeling in qualified leads and shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Expand your SERP real estate

Want to crack how to get more traffic? Then you need to get more real estate on SERPs. It’s a dog-eat-dog affair but a couple of ways to do that include: 

  • Creating video versions for your content, preferably on YouTube (Google tends to have a preference for her toys obviously)
  • Turning to PPC advertising as well
  • Ranking in Google Local Map Pack

Consider doing “statistics & topic” keywords

Do you have articles that are just all about the numbers on a specific topic? This could be a great way to generate backlinks to your website on autopilot. A full-on stat-filled article about a certain topic tends to resonate well with journalists, who often give credit – and traffic from their well-established blogs- back to their source.

It helps to work your way back and figure out what topics get journalists and bloggers in a frenzy. 

Get a content partner

Two heads- or blogs- truly are better than one in the race for ranking glory. There’s only so much you can do as a person or business, but when you combine your efforts with a partner, that’s twice the results for half the effort. 

A you-scratch-my-back-I-scratch-yours partnership is great for blowing up traffic and your rankings. It helps to consider partners who oscillate around a similar niche but aren’t your direct rivals for leads.

Be a broken link-building superhero

Most people often write to other established blogs, pretending to be fans and asking for their links to be shared or published while offering little in return. 

You can flip the script by actually going through a potential guest blog partner’s blog, finding broken links, you may need a tool for this to avoid painstaking work, and suggesting a link to your article as a relevant replacement. Everybody wins.  

Add metadata to your pages

Are meta descriptions still relevant in 2022? You can bet your bottom dollar that they matter and that they still will even in 2023. They work in favor of your long-term strategy and offer the following perks: 

  • Search engines get a better understanding of your content
  • When rightly done, they encourage click-throughs
  • By impacting CTR, they, therefore, influence your site ranking

Create new concept visuals 

Want to avoid outreach and still get high-quality backlinks? It’s simple. Create amazing visuals that break down new digital marketing trends or topics. Most likely, other bloggers will pick up your visual when writing on the same topic, and because of copyright rules, they have to give you the credit. That’ll most likely happen via an image source backlink.

Go long and be patient

What is the ideal content length? 1,500 words. Well, that is if we are to consider the average length of the 1st Google SEERP result. But at the very least, our eCommerce marketing service recommends a minimum of 1,000 words per post or page. 

However, studies show it may take you the better part of 5 months to rank a content piece. But keep on putting in the work, get an agency to help you optimize the right way, and 2023 might just be your year. 

Expert assistance can help you cut ahead of the line!

That’s it for our 12 tips to give you the edge in the blistering race that is website ranking. With just a few months left to the end of the year, these timeless tips are sure to help you sail into 2023 like the SEO champion that you are. However, these are only but a taste of the many things you could do to get a move on your ranking. We recommend working with the best digital marketing service so you can keep ahead of the curve. Schedule a demo with us to get the full scoop on how we work our SEO charm for your business.