5 Reasons Why Digital Signage Is Useful For Your Assisted Living Facility


  • Digital signage is a key tool that can be used as great effect in assisted living facilities. It eases access information about events, services, and timeframes.
  • The digital signage used to display real-time information in senior care and helps staff to carry out their duties more effectively as well.
  • Digital signage contains images, videos, presentations. It comes with the solutions for traditional communications like printed signs. 

Reason for using digital signage in senior care 

Staff’s Time saving 

  1. It gives more time for senior living caregivers to spend more time with residents and less time frustrated at their computers.
  2. Reducing staff burden goes a long way in increasing turnover. 

A right visual communication medium

  1. Digital signs can transform to improve the professional welcome signs. 
  2. To stand out from the local competition use modern visuals to showcase the community. 

Easy to remember 

  1. Research says that messages displayed in digital signage will increase the 55% remembrance.
  2. It creates a way to reach a wide audience.

Build a community 

  1. Displaying local news or announcing resident birthdays to playing high-definition, custom slideshows. 
  2. This is the way you can use signage to build a sense of community

Centralized Communication 

  1. It showed lunch and dinner menus, Livestream fun activities taking place in the community, and everything.
  2. It acts as a central hub for you to communicate with your community.

 Proven result for digital signage 

  • Over 25% of the senior care center uses Digital Signage
  • Digital signage has a recall rate of 45%
  • 75% of work reduce staffs with Digital Signage 
  • 55% of the growth comes from America.