Google receives more than 40 thousand search queries every second, making it a staggering total of more than 3.5 billion searches per day.

Understanding SEO analytics is crucial to improving website rankings and can help you make essential decisions to bring traffic to your website.

We made a list of SEO Statistics and Facts For 2022 for your better understanding on SEO.

SEO Statistics and Facts For 2022

Google SEO Insights

  • Globally, 59 percent of people utilize the internet.
  • Mobile devices account for roughly half of all internet traffic.
  • A search engine is the starting point for 93% of online experiences.
  • Over 40,000 searches are processed every second by Google.
  • Websites receive 300 percent more visitors from search engines than through social media.

Local SEO statistics

  • 45 percent of online buyers choose to pick up their purchases in store.
  • People who search for things near them make a purchase in 28% of cases.
  • Within one day, 76 percent of mobile searches for something nearby result in in-store visits.

Voice SEO

  • 55% of people use voice search  
  • 52% of people use voice search while driving  
  • 48% of the voice assistant market is owned by Apple’s Siri 
  • 46% of people use voice assistants  
  • 20% of searches happen via voice  

Video SEO statistics

  • Video is the #1 form of media used in content strategy, overtaking blogs and infographics.  
  • The number of comments, views, shares, and ‘likes’ had a strong correlation with higher YouTube rankings.  
  • 68.2% of first-page YouTube results are HD videos.  
  • The average length of a first-page YouTube video is 14 minutes, 50 seconds.  

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