Compounding Pharmacy Market Size & Share Report, 2022 – 2030

Compounding pharmacy offers many unique benefits for patients. It enables individuals to access solutions that have been discontinued while enabling the custom formulation of drugs to meet unique patient needs or nudge compliance. 

In this infographic, we take a look at the current Compoundingpharmacy market as it stands, and paint the future of the Compounding pharmacy market in numbers. 

 Compound Pharmacy Market Size

State of the Compounding Pharmacy Market Size

  • $5.17 billion is the estimated value of the compounding pharmacies market in the United States, which accounts for close to half of the worldwide value
  • By 2030, the US compounding pharmacy market is set to increase in value by over $3 billion
  • 5.41% is the projected CAGR of the US Compoundingpharmacy market during the forecast period
  • $11.2 billion is the estimated value of the global compounding pharmacies market
  • At 6.7% CAGR, the global market shows promising growth for industry stakeholders

Regional Analysis of the Global Compounding Pharmacy Market Size

  • North America is the biggest Compounding pharmacy market in the world
  • Europe has the second-largest market share and is set to retain its place during the forecast period
  • Latin America and Asia Pacific markets hold great promise during the forecast period
  • While Africa and the Middle East account for the lowest market size, they are expected to pick up the pace in the coming years

Market Share According To Compounding Pharmacy Products

  • At 36.65%, oral medications are the leading products for Compounding pharmacies
  • The oral medications segment is set to grow at 6.7% between 2022 and 2030
  • 30.38% – Topical medications come in a close second, valued at $ 994,270,000
  • 11.08 % of the market share goes to suppositories, which are set to grow at a 57% CAGR
  • 21.89 % goes to other Compoundingpharmacy products  

Trends in the Compounding Pharmacies Market

  • 10.7% of adults in the US rely on pain prescription drugs. Overall, there’s an increasing demand for compounded pain med solutions worldwide 
  • Athletes are increasingly compounding medication to improve injury recovery and tend to unique muscle relief/growth needs
  • Parents and pet parents are embracing compounded drug solutions to bolster patient adherence
  • 2.3 million breast cancer causes are recorded worldwide, which has increased the demand for hormone therapy 

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