E-Commerce Market Industry Overview, Trends & Growth [2022 – 2027]

If you’re curious about the state of the eCommerce market, and what the future holds, stay tuned as we explore the possibilities. Our infographic will also break down the most dominant eCommerce market trends 2022 has to offer so you can better adjust your strategy. Moreover, we’ll also discuss market sizes around the world and much more.


Ecommerce market size and overview

  • In 2022, 20.4% of worldwide retail sales stem from eCommerce
  • B2B eCommerce claims the lion’s share of market size with 63.1% 
  • $5.55 trillion is the approximate global eCommerce market value in 2022
  • $3.56 of eCommerce sales stream in from mobile 
  • 58.4% of people buy stuff online weekly 
  • At $988.4 billion and 904.5 billion respectively, electronics and fashion are the largest eCommerce sellers

Ecommerce market growth 

  • $ 11 trillion is the estimated eCommerce growth between the four years preceding 2025
  • 8.3% is the CAGR for the B2C eCommerce in 2022
  • $7.5 trillion will be the value of the B2C eCommerce market by 2027 
  • The global eCommerce market is expected to hit $27.15 trillion by 2027
  • Overall, the global market will grow at an approximate 14.7% CAGR during the forecast period

Ecommerce market trends

  • 76% of online shoppers buy internationally, setting the pace for cross-border eCommerce
  • 166% increase in BNPL (buy now pay later) options by eCommerce brands
  • 60% of basic good purchases by millennials are handled by conversational AI like chatbots
  • 50% of adult shoppers rely on BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store) today 
  • 56% of shoppers prefer eCommerce brands that accept cryptocurrencies 

Ecommerce consumer statistics

  • 31.7% of online shoppers rely on search engines to discover brands
  • 51% of leads prioritize eco-friendliness when making purchases online
  • 66% of consumers value an eCommerce brand’s transparency 
  • 7 in 10 leads would like personalized eCommerce marketing 
  • 44% of leads have no qualms with brands leveraging personal data to improve offer/content significance

Ecommerce market share by countries

  • At $ 672 billion, China reserves the largest eCommerce market globally
  • The UK grabs 14.5% of global eCommerce share with $99 yearly eCommerce sales
  • $100 billion is the estimated value of the Japanese eCommerce market 
  • Germany meanwhile averages annual eCommerce sales of $73 billion
  • The Russian eCommerce market is a fast-growing one, standing at $25.99 billion
  • Brasil tops the Latin America market with an eCommerce value of $23.85 billion
  • The Indian eCommerce market value for 2022 holds strong at $63 billion

Ecommerce market strategies

  • 43% of eCommerce traffic originates from organic search, fueling eCommerce SEO
  • With 4200%, eCommerce marketers are increasingly turning to email marketing
  • 96% of marketers vouch for the effectiveness of content marketing in eCommerce
  • $992 billion is the global sales social media marketing has brought in for 2022
  • 41% of eCommerce stores plan to increase their budget for paid search
  • 96% of online stores rely on PPC marketing to generate listing traffic

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