E-Commerce Marketing: How to Maximize Sales with Google Ads and Get Better ROI?

Google ads are a powerful tool as far as digital marketing for eCommerce is concerned. When well blended with email, social media, and other marketing avenues, your eCommerce store will be spinning at the bulge in sales. In essence, Google ads work their magic by enabling you to reach the right type of shoppers at their highest points of need. With Google commanding 90% of the worldwide search engine share, not using Google ads for eCommerce is a thought that could frighten our marketing specialists from their sleep. Don’t leave money on the table. Use these tested Google ad tips to maximize sales and ROI for your eCommerce business.

Optimize your product descriptions

Product descriptions could make or break a sale. So you want to ensure you’re getting these absolutely spot on. It all starts with doing your homework around:

  • Popular search terms
  • Keywords
  • Branded searches

Non-branded searches may work a little differently compared to brand-focused campaigns. But the best product descriptions often incorporate a bit of both. If you’re selling running shoes, for example, you may also benefit from phrases such as “Nike running shoes” in your product descriptions. These are more targeted, and narrow down purchase intent to a tee.

While we’re on the subject, you also want to set your campaign’s negative keywords. These are those that you don’t want your ads to get seen for. As an example, if you’re an eCommerce store selling prescription glasses for reading, you don’t want your ad to get seen for search queries like beer glasses, window glasses, and the like. It’d mean wasted budget on the wrong type of audience.

Spread your budget to best sellers

What products are a hit with your market? If you’ve worked your Google ads for some time, you may have an idea about your best sellers. Your ROI and ROAS metrics should give you a good picture of that, and so too will conversion rates.

Your historical data will generally tell you all you need to know and should inform your eCommerce marketing strategy as well. Although Google Analytics can also be relied upon to help uncover your best sellers. Once you, bid higher on those and you’ll notice a good bump in ROAS.

Audit your data Feed

Optimizing your shopping feed is great because Google ads also make it to organic searches as well. So they provide ROI well beyond your paid search campaigns. To optimize your data feed, here are a few recommendations:

  • Prioritize specificity with your product categories. A categorization tool can come in handy here
  • Always include a GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) for every product. Other times, you may need to do a little digging as they aren’t always readily available
  • Observe keyword balance in product titles

Your quality score hinges significantly on the last option. You have about 70 characters to work with, a little over this can work against your campaign rather than for it. So don’t stuff. Instead, while you should include the right keywords, keep it short and sweet. While you’re at it, include important information such as size & brand for example if it’s about clothes.

Make hay on seasonal opportunities

Certain products are more seasonal than others. You need to build aggressively when the time is right, more so if these are the only products you sell. It may be wise to seek out eCommerce SEO services to help you out here. But essentially, you need to bid higher during seasonal opportunities while still keeping enough budget in reserve to take you through your budget period.

For instance, your biggest window occurs at the start of the school year if your business operates within the back-to-school vertical. This is the window of peak traffic hence the need to ensure excellent visibility for your store during this time.

Ensure your copy works for you

If your quality score isn’t great, chances are your Google ad won’t rank as high up as you hope. When that happens, your CPC goes up and your CTR suffers for it too Many things affect your quality score, but your copy has a strong say just as well.

We’ll be bunt with you because while the truth is bitter, the results are sweeter. A quite frankly deceitful and “clickbaity” way of copy is something you should avoid at all costs. It doesn’t help anyone and worse, Google frowns upon it and you could be penalized. So what we’re saying is that you need to ensure keywords and URL relevance between your copy and what you’re selling.

That said, make superstar copy that turns your landing pages into conversion magnets by:

  • Testing multiple descriptions and headlines
  • Entwining the problems you solve with your copy
  • Testing different CTAs to find that sweet spot

Now that we’ve measured landing pages, you also want to ensure your Google ad connects with the relevant landing page, which should clearly and briefly make good on the promise of your ad.

Finetune your price point

Unless you’re selling alien technology from a far, far away planet, chances are there are tons of other products out there that are just like yours. So what will be your stand-out quality amidst overwhelming competition? Well, from our immense experience as an online marketing service, we find it often boils down to pricing, which makes sense because who doesn’t love a good bargain?

If your price isn’t competitive then you might as well spend time crafting listings. So always look for ways to keep your prices competitive. Do your research. Find out what your competitors are offering then go one better. To further sweeten the pot, throw in special incentives like free shipping if you can.

Are your Google ads not performing?

Don’t know a thing about using Google ads for eCommerce? Not to worry. Genexod has your back. If you’re an online store owner who’s been around the block and are looking for new ideas to spice it up, you could still benefit from the expert support of an eCommerce marketing service such as ours. From expert ad hacks you wish you had known sooner to the convenience of automation so you can focus more on your business, there’s much to gain. We have many aces up our sleeve to up your Google ads game. Learn more by setting up a call with us today.