E-commerce Statistics, Facts and Trends for 2022 – Genexod

A great eCommerce marketer knows the importance of keeping up with the numbers, and the day’s trends. 

If you’re here, looking for what eCommerce statistics are ruling the world in 2022 and beyond, you’re in safe hands.

 Take a plunge with us as we dissect the present and future of eCommerce, so you can better finetune your eCommerce marketing strategies for success.  

The state of eCommerce in numbers

  • $4.921 trillion- is the value of retail eCommerce sales worldwide in 2022
  • 48% of US consumers are making more purchases online
  • $7.385 trillion- estimated retail eCommerce sales by 2025 
  • 22% of all global retail sales will stem from eCommerce by 2023 
  • 95% of all purchases will occur online by 2040

eCommerce consumer behavior trends

  • 4 in 10 online buyers make a purchase in bed
  • 50% of consumers shop via mobile 
  • 75% of buyers shop via mobile because they find it faster 
  • 46% of consumers are willing to buy costly products such as cars, online
  • Free shipping is the #1 motivator for online shopping

Consumer problems with eCommerce

  • 23% of shoppers have endured a broken website 
  • 44% of shoppers were put off by a slow website in 2022
  • Security issues and font sizes are the 2 biggest pain points for online shoppers today
  • 74.52% of carts are abandoned due to extra expenses, poor site experiences, and more
  • 85% of shoppers were let down by eCommerce businesses’ poor shipping experiences

How can Genexod increase your eCommerce sales?

  • 76% of consumers will back out if you don’t have reviews. Genexod can get your social proof programs going so you don’t miss out 
  • Our digital marketing agency can increase your open rates by up to 359% with personalized email marketing for your promotional campaigns. 
  • Checkout process optimization to win back the over 70% of sales that go down the drain due to poor checkout optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization, to ensure you convert at a better rate than the 3% eCommerce industry average
  • Mobile optimization to ensure you tap into the goldmine that mobile provides, with it accounting for 61% of online retail traffic today.