Do you have ambitious goals for your business and need a full-service digital marketing partner that sees the bigger picture, just like you do? No matter how big or small, Genexod has amassed a reputation for pushing businesses of all kinds to hit their milestones well ahead of schedule. If you need results and need them fast, our experienced digital marketing for business growth agency has many tricks up its sleeve to get you where you want to be. Here’s how we can help you realize your vision for your business fast and sustainably. 

Email Marketing to put you on the Map ASAP

Email is where all the magic happens, and it can be an excellent avenue for quick success. We make our email copy snappy and full of value, writing compelling headlines that have been shown to skyrocket click-through rates. 

Here’s what else we can do to ensure your email marketing strategy 2022 gets results without delay: 

  • Give your email a personal touch that feels warm and inviting  
  • Segment your subscriber list for accelerated targeting that closes the sale
  • Craft powerful CTAs that tap into your audience’s FOMO to get them scampering for a piece of the cake

And much more. Crucially, our email marketing agency for eCommerce lives by thorough A/B testing to ensure we always put our best foot forward. We know what makes sales tick, and our internet marketing services are guaranteed to explode your web traffic and get you those sales. 

The Latest Tech to Take You to the Top of Your Game

Digital marketing trends come and go, and so too does technology. If you need quick business results, then there’s no doubt that you need a digital marketing agency that leverages the latest digital marketing tools 2022 has to offer.  

At Genexod, revolutionary technology is our middle name. We implore advanced data analytics tools to keep you ahead of the curve, enabling you to predict demand, or add to your product line and reap big from untapped opportunities. Some of our recent technological innovations include: 

  • LUCI the chatbot: Our rich, conversation AI can take charge after hours to keep your sales funnel active 24/7 
  • Marketing automation to save you time and money, while improving the effectiveness of your full-service digital marketing strategy. 

And we’re just getting started. When you partner with us, you get full access to the latest digital marketing artillery that will sweep aside the competition and clear your path to the top of your niche. 

SEO that’s always in touch with the times

Did you know that Google tweaks its search engine criteria up to 600 times annually? After you’ve picked up your jaw off the floor, here’s how our eCommerce marketing services can keep you ahead of ever-evolving SEO. 

  • We blend the right mix of evergreen and timely content to always keep you on the safe side
  • Genexod focuses on user intent as opposed to mere keyword groups alone
  • We revise past content to ensure they’re up to snuff as SEO services evolve
  • Genexod concentrates on the user experience, which will always remain a critical aspect of SEO, no matter how drastically it changes. 

There’s much, much more we do as well. 

If there’s one thing that will never change, it’s that SEO will keep changing. We stay on top of upcoming updates and digital marketing trends, helping your business to the latest SEO services and techniques while your competitors remain in the dark. We get you online visibility where it matters most to accelerate your scaling. 

Fresh, high-impact content to make your business a sensation

It’s 2022 and content still reigns on the throne, and that’s set to be the order of business for years to come. From our experience, content marketing remains the backbone of digital marketing success, especially for small, upcoming businesses who might not have the financial power to match heavyweights when it comes to PPC budgets and such. 

Our content strategy is financed to your market’s concerns and will propel you to success. In this regard, we’ll: 

  • A/B test which content types gain more traction with your readers 
  • Examine your most suitable content channels according to your market’s interests
  • Create high-impact, high-value content that boosts engagement 

All in all, our content marketing agency services will enable you to affordably and organically grow your following and expand/strengthen your market reach.

Campaign Reevaluation to Keep you on the Right Track

We’ve come to realize that many business owners rely on the same campaign metrics for too long, as some digital marketing agencies let these run typically for roughly 6 months while changing very little beyond superficial and vanity metrics. Such campaigns are doomed to hit a snag.

A good campaign needs constant work and monitoring because it’s commonplace for this ship to veer off-course every so often. At Genexod digital marketing company, we’re constantly finetuning our full-service marketing strategies, keeping in line with both your short-term and long-term goals for your business. 

We make it our life’s work to ensure both objectives are in service of the other while affording the flexibility to incorporate changes due to: 

  • algorithm updates 
  • budget preferences 
  • Shifting markets and other factors

So what goals do you have for your business? We’d love to hear out your vision and help you work towards it, so get in touch with us today.

Social Media Marketing to Stamp your Authority

With there being close to 4 billion social media users as per a January 2022 report, the potential of social media is undeniable. It can be a huge catalyst for rapid growth, and our social media marketing company will help you harness its full potential for your business’ swift scaling. 

So what can Genexod do for you? We’ll: 

  • Build brand awareness and turn more heads your way
  • Encourage engagement and build buzz for your products
  • Uncover the most profitable social media channels for your niche
  • Create and exhibit social proof that brings in those sales

That’s not all we got. Our full-service digital marketing services also cover many other aspects including text message marketing, web design, and much more that will collaboratively propel you to your business goals fast. 

Pressed for time? Let’s get you those results forthwith

Every business of the modern age needs an online presence to succeed, and our 360-degree approach to digital marketing will catapult your business to success from every angle. If time or experience is not on your side, and you need results fast from a proven performer, let our dedicated digital marketing company turbocharge your journey to your goals. Schedule a call now to get started.