More residents (or a high occupancy rate) is almost always the coveted goal of any senior living facility. A larger number of residents not only translates to better revenues and sustainability but to an overall happier community, one that is characterized by close to perfect harmony — with seniors living enjoying life to the fullest. Without a doubt, you built your facility with that vision in mind.

Did you know that certain assisted living resident management software can help you achieve that? An RMS (at least the efficient and responsive ones) isn’t limited to just helping you organize residents (as their names readily suggest). Genexod’s solution is one such example, and we’ll outline how you can use it to attract new residents and make the most out of your promotion efforts.

Turning the Spotlight on RMS Features That Directly Aid in Resident Acquisition

What do most residents and their families look for when deciding which facility to choose? Chances are, seniors are anticipating spending the rest of their lives in your care home. They would most likely be looking beyond just the level of care that your facility can provide (though that in itself is undoubtedly a primary factor, too). In short, what quality of life should they expect?

Beyond that, you also need to pay attention to your sales cycle, which is obviously the more direct factor that drives your resident acquisition. Nonetheless, both are arguably equally important in acquiring new residents. That said, you’ll be more than likely to hit the said two birds with one stone, so to speak, thanks to what Genexod has to offer. 

  • Track your leads better

Without the proper tools, it can be hard to stay on top of every lead. This is especially true in an online setting, where leads, due to their sheer volume and varying behavior, might just end up slipping through your fingers if you don’t react on time.

With an RMS that improves your sales cycle, you can actually “capture” every lead that comes your way — whether they’re acquired through walk-ins, referrals, or phone calls. It’s a given that you’ll be receiving inquiries about your facility’s services regularly through various mediums (mostly online). An RMS only helps you manage leads significantly better by eliminating most of the manual aspects of it. 

It also gives your lead acquisition and conversion campaigns their needed organization. You will be able to see the exact dates, after all, when lead conversions happen to be performing at their best. You will even be promptly notified if an important lead was missed, so you can immediately make a follow-up and act accordingly. 

In short, Genexod’s RMS actively supports you in looking for, handling, and managing your prospects. Another obvious benefit this gives is that you don’t have to rely on extra staff to do these things for you. 

  • With better communication mediums in place, you can provide staff with helpful tools that boost lead acquisition. 

Of course, this is assuming you already have a solid, established relationship with your staff (including caregivers). This can actually be achieved easier because of the better staff scheduling features of RMS. Genexod’s comprehensive communication system lets you track every single interaction that occurs between your sales staff and your leads. 

This way, you’ll also be able to quickly relay orders or information to your staff that will pave the way to a seamless transition of the leads to the sales channel you have in place. 

Furthermore, this feature also undoubtedly allows you to keep abreast of your staff’s lead acquisition performance. Consider the numerous opportunities this opens up for pinpointing their strengths and weaknesses as well. Once identified, you’ll, in turn, be able to know the proper type of training you need to give them to overcome the said lapses. 

This benefit is only compounded further by the communication channels’ ability to heighten collaboration. One way or another, boosting your sales staff’s morale undoubtedly has its uses for lead acquisition, too, considering it’s practically a never-ending process in the senior living industry. 

  • Craft and hone a more sophisticated sales channel that converts well. 

Genexod actually lets you track the performance of your sales channel, with conversion rates recorded and displayed for your steady reference. Imagine acquiring invaluable data about each change you do to your sales channel, especially those that directly affect performance. This is possible with our RMS and only accurately translates to a more hyper-focused approach to marketing. And as any savvy marketer can attest, as long as you zero in on your audience (i.e. know them to the fullest), you’ll be enjoying conversions left and right in no time.

As you enhance your sales channel, guided by data you gather, you’ll be able to create a more optimized channel that makes sure the leads you acquire won’t go to waste. Other so-called solutions don’t bring enough of that much-needed convenience and resource- and effort-saving perks to the table when it comes to enhancing sales channels. With the right RMS, you will always be guided accordingly by invaluable data, made possible by proactive and almost hands-free tracking. 

  • Make the most out of RMS features that address resident doubts and fears.

Whether it’s the emergency notification system, the plethora of communication channels an RMS can set up, or the ability to use automation to keep track of vital signs, you can capitalize on these basic features to reduce the fears of present and prospective residents. 

You should already accept that you have to put up with the challenges presented by the new normal, as brought about by the pandemic. In fact, one of the main priorities of families and seniors when looking for a facility, one of the first things that they look at nowadays, is almost always what precautionary measures it has in place to ensure that it will remain COVID-free for a long-time. 

They will also most likely want to know what steps the facility will take once a diagnosis has been confirmed. This extends beyond the issues of the pandemic, of course, as almost any emergency event can take its place. The key is to make sure that you have the most of the said RMS features and for your prospects to know that the place they’ll be staying in is comparatively safer because of them. 

  • Highlight how an RMS substantially improves vital aspects of your facility.

Our RMS can provide attending physicians with better opportunities to render higher quality, more personalized care, and improve the monitoring of residents that, in turn, reduces the likelihood of accidents and other untoward events inherent in senior care homes. It also gets families involved, which only lends itself to combatting resident loneliness.

Events and other daily activities that engage residents can also be done with relative ease thanks to its ability to track the preferences of residents and whether their level of participation and engagement is satisfactory. If not, then you can always promptly introduce needed changes. 

Incidentally, Genexod’s RMS also leaves plenty of room for customization. Whether it’s a custom service plan or customized restorative services, relaying such information to your prospects will let them know that they will receive highly personalized care when they move into your facility. It’s already a given that residents crave this type of targeted care — some may not be aware of it at first while others may not be too keen to admit it. But, without question, it’s one of the keys to senior living success. 

These are but some of the unprecedented perks afforded by senior care Resident Management Software. And you can use it to your advantage further by showcasing how it improves your facility to prospective residents through the photos and other promotional materials you share. You may even ask for testimonials from current residents in this regard. 

  • With Genexod, you can show your residents that you care and prioritize their well-being. 

Our RMS equips you with the necessary tools to track your residents’ participation in events, interests, and preferences, after all. You also get to stay on top of resident monitoring, which is essential in enriching peace of mind in everyone. These factors are crucial because they immediately underscore how resident-centric your senior living community is.

It won’t even be farfetched to say that you’ll be boosting word of mouth advertising this way as well. With an RMS with resident-responsive features, you gain plenty of leeways to building a facility driven by keeping residents’ well-being and quality of care a priority. It’s almost a no-brainer that it’s what elders and their families want first and foremost. 


As you can see, an efficient assisted living resident management software actively helps you overcome every hurdle you face — even the perennial problem of low occupancy rates. It also teaches us that there’s always a new route waiting to be discovered, with the help of innovation. Many senior care facilities that have turned the corner with RMS assistance can say the same thing.