For many in the senior living industry, business revenue and getting better ROI is often the elephant in the room. This is because a lot of owners choose to focus on introducing improvements to the facility instead, in the hopes that these changes will lead to a paradigm similar to the trickle-down theory. Surely, prospective clients will start noticing what’s great about your facility, to the point that senior living digital marketing becomes secondary, right?

Make no mistake, there’s nothing wrong with doing that at all, and in a perfect world, that should be enough to attract leads and boost overall occupancy. Alas, that’s hardly the reality as a lot of senior living owners who have failed can attest. If you want to ensure your community’s success, you have to knuckle down your marketing efforts.

Senior living marketing solutions provided by Genexod impart the best leverage for community managers, and the exact reasons why shall be the main point of discussion of this post.

Get Better ROI

Our tools and services can diversify your marketing campaigns

It’s come to a point that considering to add more viable tactics to your campaign is no longer enough. Rather, it’s already become a necessity because sticking to a static campaign with only one or two strategies in it will almost always result in you falling short of your ROI goals. Why? It’s simply because you find yourself lacking alternative routes to take once you discover your strategies to be inflexible.  

Rarely does an experienced senior living marketing agency rely on single-point solutions alone. Instead, they realize the importance of going for a multi-pronged approach that will only allow you to achieve the ROI you’re aiming for (or even exceed your expectations). 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made digital marketing all the more necessary, and this is why we at Genexod continue to offer indispensable tactics that have already worked in the past and will be more vital in the following years. 

From SEO, PPC, call tracking, and social media marketing to native advertising, automated lead generation, content marketing, and email marketing, we assure our clients will have plenty of these proven strategies to choose from to optimize their campaigns. 

We are aware of every trick in the book and can employ them with maximum efficiency to help your community achieve its marketing goals and gain the best possible ROI. These are but some of the ways our services can boost your facility’s revenues:

  • SEO We’ll help you reach the top of the search engine results page for all your target keywords for a consistent, increasing flow of organic traffic. We’ll utilize the best strategies for local SEO as well, specifically focusing on senior living customers in your area. 
  • PPC This is another discipline where we’ll capitalize on customers that already have high buyer intent. We can tweak your campaigns further over time and help you discover the most compatible ads for your facility and pair them with platforms that could prove to be lead gold mines for your community. 
  • Social Media Marketing – Perhaps, you aren’t aware of social media networks that have a high number of senior users? And if you are, can you craft a message that resonates with them and stays true to your community’s ideals?
  • Online PR – What better way to boost brand awareness and reputation management than getting your facility covered by high-authority, senior-care-relevant blogs, digital publications, and other reputable online entities? With Genexod and the vast media network we are partnered with, you’ll attain unprecedented reach in no time. 

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just think of it this way: more tactics almost always result in more leads by virtue of their multiplicity. There’s really a no better analogy for it than having a handy Swiss Army knife at your disposal. 

And the best part is that you won’t have to use it yourself. We have a highly experienced team of marketers for that, who also regularly studies trends and employs proven-working, efficient strategies in all the digital marketing disciplines mentioned above. 

Marketing automation and inbound marketing significantly boost ROI and directly increase revenue

As a premier senior living marketing agency, we also ensure we make the most out of technology and the advantages of having a systematic funnel that will keep your lead generation and conversions high. 

After all, with our marketing automation solutions, you won’t have to maintain an in-house marketing staff anymore. It will do most of the repetitive but otherwise necessary emailing and social media posting for you, for example. Automation ups productivity minus the usual tolls of time and manual work, and our automated tools harness automation’s true capabilities to the fullest. 

As for our inbound marketing tools, we crafted our full-funnel approach by analyzing and implementing the best ways to attract, engage, and convert senior living customers. Our funnel is a well-oiled machine, so to speak, which is suitable for and can handle every type of customer in the senior living field.

We can do all the A/B testing for you

Increase Business Revenue

We know that time is money, and as a lot of marketers already know, A/B testing is one necessary step. We already have the tools and infrastructure in place to conduct optimal testing for every marketing strategy we use.

If you’re going to be doing the testing yourself, you’re going to have to be prepared to invest hours of your time analyzing and optimizing your SEO, PPC, email marketing, content marketing, and any other strategy you’re using. This leaves very little time for you to work on other important matters of your community. 

Our bundled services are simply more cost-effective and economical

Instead of looking for separate companies to do specific senior living marketing strategies for you, we made it a point to master the most viable and effective ones at present and offer most of them so you won’t have to look elsewhere. Chances are, you’ll only end up shelling out more money if you go that route, and it’s relatively harder to keep track of a disjointed campaign, too.


Marketing assisted living facilities is nothing short of necessary if owners want their communities to last long and prosper. This is why it’s high time to face this challenge head-on. With the few invaluable insights you have gained here, we hope that you now have a concrete idea of the best route to take — and, remember, we’re just a chat or email away.