Reputation Management, particularly Online Reputation Management, will always be directly tied to any enterprise’s digital marketing efforts. How your brand responds to feedback, the posts you share on your blog, and your overall internet presence essentially fall under that same umbrella, after all.

In this post, we’ve highlighted the value that Reputation Management Services, specifically Genexod, can bring to any company. This is because they can help keep  its management endeavors not only more convenient and efficient but effective. 

Have you ever felt that you’re grasping at straws when trying to stay on top of your business’s reputation? We may just have all the solutions you need, as evidenced by these facts.

Most – If Not All – Your Feedback Will Be Available in One Place

One of the most important things to be mindful of when it comes to reputation management is every feedback that your company has received and will be getting in the future. The challenge not so much lies in answering each one but being aware of them in the first place. 

  • With Genexod’s help, you will be able to take into account all the reviews that your company is getting. Why? Because Genexod offers its own dedicated solution for getting and managing feedback for your company.
  • This way, you won’t have to rely too much on third-party review platforms for receiving feedback.
  • Even if you do decide to work with them, we can easily come up with an effective solution to integrate them into our system so you will be aware of them and respond to them, too.

Obviously, the most vital advantage of this feature is that you won’t miss any reviews that your company is receiving. You’ll be in a much better position to manage them and effectively respond to them to keep your brand’s reputation spick-and-span. 

Proactively Encourage Your Clients to Leave Feedback

It’s always better to remain active than passive when it comes to letting your clients know that you value every review that they leave. Genexod helps in this regard by being able to send review requests to every client that has bought or availed of your product or service.

  • You’ll be able to send these requests with a single push of a button, thus, saving you time and effort. You can send either an email or text or both should you decide that it’s the best course to take. 
  • We know how time-consuming it is to write messages that accompany these review requests. You can either  use the message templates already available or customize them however you wish. 
  • Same as you, the customer will be able to leave feedback by pressing a single button. The advantage of text and email platforms is that it allows you to respond to these reviews quickly and keep track of each one with relative ease.

Reply to Every Review Quickly and Properly

Regarding the need to respond to feedback, Genexod offers the same convenience by letting users respond to each one using only a single platform. This makes it easy to be presented with a more organized view of every review, which is undoubtedly the most ideal setup for companies to be able to respond to each one properly.

  • With every review accounted for and made readily accessible, you won’t encounter delays when responding to each one. We all know that delays can do plenty of harm to a brand’s reputation.
  • The entire dashboard is set up in such a way that you only need to scroll up or down to see every review and every response you’ve made to each one of your clients. 
  • You can type up a response in minutes, saving you more precious time. 

Maintain Optimal Communication with Your Customers

Online reputation management done right entails keeping your communication channels open. More importantly, you have to be completely genuine in your approach. You have  to operate on  more than one media platform, not least of which are the social media channels your clients frequently use, emails, texts, and even phone calls.

How does Genexod help you fulfill all these fundamentals of communication? Simple. You can do all of these activities on one platform.

  • Genexod’s reputation management software dedicates a section where you can keep track of every conversation you have with each one of your clients. 
  • Aptly, it’s named  ‘Conversations’. And clicking on it will afford you a complete view of every conversation that you’ve had and are currently having with your customers. 
  • It encompasses numerous forms of media. It even integrates Facebook messages, which allows you to respond to them without having to use the said social media platform’s interface 
  • You can keep track of phone calls, emails, and text messages for optimal reference. You and the customer may smoothly start from where you left these conversations off for added convenience. 

Always Be in the Know About the State of Your Brand’s Image

Last but not least, most Online Reputation Management Companies are known for handling most of the processes required to keep a company’s image sterling. From monitoring every press release and other pertinent content you share to crafting and telling your story often, all of these fundamental activities overlap with Genexod’s services, too.

  • On the whole, you will be made aware of the overall and more in-depth state of your brand’s image, thanks to the comprehensive data that will be made available to you.
  • Thanks to the wealth of ways to effectively respond to feedback, keep track of what’s being said about your services or products, and maintain your company’s reputation, all of these factors coalesce to allow you to build a positive image and keep it that way. 


Most of the streamlining benefits of Genexod’s Online Reputation Management Services stem from the fact it gathers and organizes everything you need to take note of and respond to in one convenient platform. We anticipate the weaknesses and inherent challenges that most companies struggle with and present direct solutions to them. 

Essentially, these are what have let us help hundreds of companies with managing their brand’s reputation at present.