Senior care homes that are not full. This is a common reality many who have dedicated themselves to the senior living industry share. 

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a prevalent issue. After all, there are still communities that remain full, to the point that they have no other choice but to have a waiting list. They don’t suffer from high turnover rates as well, leaving one to wonder, “What’s their secret?”

Well, to start with, it would be a real surprise if these successful communities don’t have a sound Senior Living Marketing strategy in place. It’s also important to acknowledge that marketing assisted living communities is a learning experience. Plans and decisions are rarely static, especially if it concerns lead generation and increasing occupancy rates. 

Assisted Living Marketing Provides Agile and Versatile Solutions to Communities

One of the main strengths of Senior Care Marketing is it’s almost always a flexible solution for many facilities. It’s rarely just about Senior Living SEO, after all, although that is undoubtedly one of its fundamental facets. 

One of the innate qualities of digital marketing is its well-rounded approach to delivering results. A Senior Living Marketing Agency like Genexod couldn’t demonstrate this any better with the host of services it offers. Summed up, these are the facts that make it an invaluable help for many communities:

  • Solutions can be tailored exactly to any assisted living community’s particular needs and challenges. As fresh data and insights arrive, it’s often easy to optimize campaigns to achieve primary goals. 
  • Besides SEO, facilities may also rely on strategies that have worked in various industries, senior living included. These include content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, PPC, display advertising, etc. 
  • Convenience and efficiency are often prioritized, leading to fewer losses and better routes toward ROI. 

How Can Senior Living Marketing be Used to Increase Leads and Occupancy Quickly?

To truly see the difference that assisted living marketing can make, you don’t need to look further than how it can be used to quickly increase leads and boost occupancy. Below, we’ve included plenty of the potent ways marketers use digital marketing to that end.

Lead generation can be infused with automation

Genexod is known for its generous use of automation when marketing senior living facilities. Not only will this allow you to save time and effort looking for leads, but it will also ensure that you’ll receive all the help you’ll need to gather as many of them as possible. And if you’re worried about the value of the leads you’ll be getting, don’t. 

  • As much as possible, the software can be set up to keep track of specific demographics, as well as every inquiry made via walk-ins, phone calls, and referrals. 
  • You can even use features like the ability to track your sales team’s communication with leads so you’ll gain invaluable insights about their performance. 

Gamifying the sales funnel turns plenty of heads

Many senior communities are offering points, bonuses, and rewards when they, for example, complete a survey or join specific sponsored events and raffles. As long as there are valuable incentives, you’ll be able to better engage your prospects and ask them queries related to lead generation. 

  • Pay attention to strategies that give you the least losses and the most returns. 
  • A little experimentation can go a long way, but be sure you take note of what works and keep your initial investments at a minimum.

Reputation management allows you to stay ahead of the buzz your community is creating online

You’re probably already well aware that any negative feedback your community receives should be addressed as soon as possible. If you’re not proactive in doing so, your community may end up with the shorter end of the stick every time and, ultimately, fail to attract prospects. Assisted living marketing can help you in this regard through online reputation management.

Genexod will keep track of all that’s being said about your community in the digital space. Rapid, remedying responses to bad reviews can smoothly turn things around for your brand, emphasizing the importance of reputation management for

Tell compelling stories through content marketing

You can’t beat content that not only resonates with your audience but tells their story as well. A lot of communities are more than willing to tell the separate stories and journeys of their residents. Why? Because it highlights the unique experiences that can be enjoyed within its doors, halls, and rooms. 

  • What can be more engaging for new prospects than knowing the life-changing experiences that present residents are enjoying?
  • You can even share videos of events, gatherings, and games that your residents take part in.

The key is to not only highlight the fun aspect of your community but its overall safety as well. This could not be more important in the COVID era. 

Senior living marketing can be partnered with assisted living software to increase your community’s reputation.

Genexod offers more than just senior living marketing. We’re actually well recognized for our assisted living software, which tackles many of the challenges faced by communities. With it, you can help improve your staff and meet their needs (like better scheduling practices), thereby, leading to higher staff retention.

  • The more you keep your high-value team intact, the more your community will inevitably be well known for its quality of care. 
  • Such software also lends itself to better staff training.
  • Since solid communication channels can be set up, you’ll be able to disseminate information about your community easier. Always remember that transparency breeds trust.

There’s No Shortage of Solutions

Obviously, these are but a few of the strategies that communities rely on. We’ve barely even scratched the surface. Ultimately, what’s wonderful about digital marketing for seniors is that one strategy that works often gives way for something better. As long as you’re willing to introduce your own twists, you’ll be able to offer a unique answer to the occupancy problem.  


As you can see, community owners and managers won’t run out of viable routes to take as long as they know how to utilize senior living marketing techniques to the best of their capabilities. 

Additionally, it doesn’t take long to recognize the fact that effective assisted living marketing should be synergistic. It should and would fuse with solutions that you’re already relying on, allowing communities to achieve long-term goals.