One of the most challenging tasks in the senior living community is trying to keep a track of employee’s attendance and time.

With the help of Genexod’s pay time tracker, you can greatly reduce the time you used to invest in managing payrolls and keeping track of your employees’ attendance.

  • Save 50% More Time Managing Attendance and Payroll
  • Minimal Effort Needed for Proper Long-Term Management
  • Fully Eliminates the Need to do any kind of manual processing

Pay Time Tracker

Reasons why accurate time tracking is important

  • 75% of businesses are affected by time theft
  • 43% of employees admit to inflating hours in their timesheets

Organizations that used time and attendance software together with payroll processing (in one integrated system):

  • Saw 57% fewer errors in PTO calculations
  • Experienced an almost 30% lower rate of payroll processing errors
  • Saw a 32% lower error rate in the tracking of actual time worked

Advantages of Genexod’s Employee Time Tracking

  1. Eliminate Time and Attendance Errors

Time tracking software eliminates errors in the information and the need for micromanaging employees

  • Cloud-based Time Clock Pay Time Tracker (PTT)
  • Detailed Payroll and Attendance Timesheets
  • Get Accessible, Accurate Information All the Time
  1. No Bulky Paper Timesheets

No need to keep track of all the paperwork. Having a time tracking system ensures you can save everything virtually

  1. Achieve Payroll Accuracy

Remove the possibility of incurring avoidable losses and better employee satisfaction by achieving better payroll accuracy. 

  • Close and Accurate Payroll and Clock-In and Clock-Out Tracking
  • Detailed Reports of Payroll Periods
  • Highly Accurate Payroll that Improves Productivity
  1. Automated Alerts and Visual Notifications

Automated alerts and notifications erase the need to send out reminders to staff manually. 

  • Automated Alerts Sent to Staff for Exceeded Hours
  • Real-Time Notification of Staff Clock-Ins and Clock-Outs
  • Visual Text Notifications 
  • Additional Notifications for Scheduled Shifts and Changes in Schedules
  1. Employees can refer to it

Our online employee attendance management system allows employees to refer to their performance and evaluate their progress.

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