Staffing in the senior living community is critical to the overall success of an organization. 

Better employee scheduling reduces employee turnover by 22.9%

Staff Scheduling Software

Good employee scheduling software can save your money

The average cost of replacing an employee

< $30,000 per year = 16% of annual wages

< $50,000 per year = 20% of annual wages

The need for staff scheduling for your senior care community

  • Inadequate scheduling accounts for employees wasting up to 36% of their time
  • Scheduling conflicts can result in too many employees showing up or others not arriving for their shifts
  • Employers spend a vast amount of time tracking employee’s movements
  • Mismanaged schedules accrue high administration costs

The goals achieved by using staff scheduling software are,

  • Increased productivity
  • Prevention of overtime costs
  • Reduction of staff costs
  • Avoid miscommunication
  • Reduce absenteeism

Benefits of Staff Scheduling Software

  • Individual shift schedules can be managed by the community
  • Employees can trade shifts using the software
  • The community can save up to 80% of their previously used time on scheduling
  • Text message and email notifications can be used to keep the employee informed of shift changes
  • The schedule is always available to everyone
  • Increases transparency within the community
  • Centralizes staff communication
  • Allows employee performance comparison

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Genexod’s staff scheduling software for eldercare facilities includes a full-fledged employee and staff management component.

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