If you’ve been in the industry for a while now, you’ll probably agree wholeheartedly that managing an assisted living community is no walk in the park. Besides dealing with common issues like low occupancy and employee retention rates, you also need to juggle your time managing expenses, optimizing schedules, planning and organizing events, marketing, among others. 

Even if you do manage, is it worth continuing what you’re doing knowing that there are better solutions already available? Think of game-changing solutions that only Assisted Living Software can bring about such as the complete optimization of senior care. Let’s examine how Genexod does this with its Senior Living Software.

Assisted Living Software

How Genexod’s Assisted Living Software Streamlines Senior Care?

We know that we don’t need to point out your problems to you. To you, they’re already a given. You’re seeking solutions, that much we’re certain. 

That being said, allow us to highlight one by one how Genexod’s Assisted Living Facility Software tackles these issues directly. In doing so, we hope to open your eyes to how it can make a huge difference for you, your residents, and the entire community. 

It makes resident management less complex

Since it’s a specifically designed Software for Assisted Living, this is one of the most obvious advantages of our Senior Care Management Software. Now, you’re probably thinking, “How exactly will it help me, and is it any different from other resident management software out there?”

What makes Genexod’s solution stand out is that it actively takes care of plenty of the basic processes involved in resident management. It focuses on unlocking more time for you and staff by:

  • Gathering and organizing resident information at admission, with as little effort as possible.
  • Making reports that will allow you to track the activities of each patient, such as move-in, move-out, and hospital admission.
  • Serving as the main repository of primary and secondary information regarding the resident, payments, and even incidents associated with all residents. 
  • Keeping track of how each resident participates in events as well as how they’re performing on a daily basis. 
  • Documenting observations to boost preventive care. 
  • Reporting participation log for compliance.

These are but some of the activities that the software will take care of for you. Obviously, these would have to be relegated to a dedicated staff, otherwise. You can only imagine how much time this will free up for you and your employees, which you can invest elsewhere. 

Enjoy less stress with the help of automation

You’ve probably already heard about the wonders and praises being rained on tools that help you automate tasks. That’s one other quality that makes Genexod’s solution unique. It applies automation wherever possible and where it will help the most. You’ll see this in how plenty of its features are imbued with the said state-of-the-art technology:

  • It features automated functional assessments. This means your staff won’t have to make the assessment of the level of care that’s appropriate for a given resident. Even if you still decide to let your staff handle it, the software can still aid in confirming the best option for all patients.
  • Besides capturing the vitals of residents by itself, the software will also send automated notifications should there be instances when the vitals need checking. 
  • You will also be automatically notified if a specific service plan is due for every resident. 
  • These automated notifications extend to changes in the level of care as well as in staff communication. The latter is especially important for we can never know when emergency situations arise in communities. This way, staff will also be able to promptly know of accidents, schedule changes, or simple dispensation of vital information. 

Automation not only saves time, but it allows your staff to respond in a timely manner. 

You won’t have to deal with the usual scheduling headaches

Given the complex nature of long-term care, scheduling should be prioritized by every community. Otherwise, you’ll more than likely end up facing staff shortages before long, as a direct result of disgruntled employees that bear the brunt of a toxic work schedule regularly. Does staff scheduling really have to be as mind-melting as rocket science?

Genexod is able to directly help you plan and assign the best schedules for your staff with the help of one thing essentially: data. 

  • You’ll be given an entire interface and overview of each caregiver’s schedule so you’ll gain a birds’ eye view of the current state of schedules. This way, you’ll immediately be able to pinpoint any weak points that you can then proceed to remedy post haste. 
  • Communicate in real-time all open shifts to your staff. This reduces the time and effort needed just to let your employees be in the know about them. 
  • You may easily assign multiple employees to handle the scheduling over time thanks to the collaborative employee scheduler feature. 

It lends a helping hand in marketing, too

The fact that Genexod’s senior living software also actively improves your sales cycle makes it one of the more unique options available to communities. And why not? Senior living operations will always involve the active promotion of its services. 

Such an ongoing, unstopping activity requires plenty of resources as it is. This is why Genexod takes the initiative to assist community managers and owners in this as well. You’ll see how it can streamline this important aspect of your operations with the following functionalities:

  • Being able to capture and track all inquiries made by leads, regardless of whether they’re made via phone, referrals, or walk-ins.
  • Allowing you to track follow-ups, tours, and all kinds of assessments.
  • Aiding you in tracking your entire sales channel to, in turn, help boost conversion. 

In the end, it’s not just limited to simplifying, but also actively improves your marketing efforts. 


We all know that innovation requires courage. However, we can also argue that there are innovations that have already proven themselves to be worthy of being labeled as such. How? By delivering actual results. Genexod’s software has already done this. The feedback it has received as well as the communities it has changed for the better serve as crystal-clear proof.