The Definitive Guide to Google Shopping Ads

If you want to build traffic that converts, then Google shopping ads are the undisputed way to go as they boast 26% higher conversion rates than text ads. They can be a lot of work to get into from scratch. But the good news is that the search engine giant’s automation features will do much of the heavy lifting for you. Still, there is plenty you should know about Google shopping ads before jumping right in. Our infographic today gives you the ultimate, stat-packed, treasure trove of information to help you hit the ground running with Google shopping ads. 

What Are Google Shopping Ads?

  • Google shopping ads are the pictorial ads that come above search results when leads look up a product.
  • They contain product images and are responsible for over 50% of all Google product discoveries.
  • Google shopping ads appear as a row headlining the SERP for a product query
  • Most Google shopping ads contain a picture of the product, its name, rating, price, and description.

How to Set up Google Shopping Ads

  • Head over to Google Merchant and create an account.
  • Next, create a product list or feed. You can do this by way of a spreadsheet containing product details or plugins of your choice. 
  • 31% of businesses use Shopify, which represents your most popular plugin. However, be sure to diversify.
  • After creating a Google ads account, head over to the shopping tab under campaigns.
  • Set a campaign name, and set up bidding. Most people choose the CPC option, then set a budget.
  • Choose your ad networks, and set device visibility and locations if you so wish to further zero in on your market.

Key Considerations For Google Shopping Ads

  • Find the best keywords. Long-tail keywords tend to better meet search intent and boast better CTRs by up to 5%  
  • Make your product title irresistible and unmissable. Just so you know, 97% of top advertisers capitalize on titles
  • 44% of advertisers add their brand name. Be sure to do so too 
  • Choose high-quality images because 75% of online shoppers use images to make purchase decisions

Benefits Of Google Shopping Ads

  • Google shopping ads can help to specifically target mobile users, who account for 65% of ad consumers
  • 77.9% of eCommerce players use Google shopping ads because products get to appear at the top of SERP’s.
  • 81% of customers search for products online before walking into a store, which is why eCommerce stores use these ads to boost product discovery.
  • 61% of companies say getting quality leads is their biggest challenge. 
  • Most businesses confess that they use Google shopping ads to improve lead quality.
  • Businesses also turn to Google shopping ads to lower marketing expenditure as they have lower CPC compared to text ads by 23%.

How Genexod Can Help You Create Google Shopping Ads

  • Powerful copy to get more conversions to your landing page
  • Landing page optimization to get your conversation rate to above 10%
  • Strategic bidding to capitalize on seasonal highs in demand.
  • Google shopping data feed optimization to bump up sales, and much more!

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