Creating a landing page is simple enough, but crafting one that converts is an entirely different ballgame. Stick around as we establish what makes a landing page tick, how you could be shooting yourself in the foot with common mistakes, and what to do to make your landing pages truly take off.  

The state of landing pages in 2022

  • 2.35% is the average landing page conversion rate across industries in 2022 
  • 5.31% is the typical landing page conversion rate for the top 25% of sites 
  • 11.45% is the average landing page conversion rate for the top 10% of websites 
  • 48% of landing pages incorporate several offers, which can be a huge deal-breaker. 
  • 58% of visual offers on landing pages are clickable 

What to Test for Your Landing Pages and How?

  • Mobile-friendliness: 54.4% of web traffic is mobile. Use Google Search Console to double-check mobile-friendliness 
  • Page speed: There’s a 90% increase in bounce rates if pages load for 5 seconds. Rely on Google PageSpeed Insights to test page loading speed. 
  • Page headline: Use landing page analyzers to test if your headline is optimized, clear, consistent, and catchy

How to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

  • Add videos, which can enhance conversions by over 86% 
  • You can boost conversions by over 300% with correct testing and targeting 
  • Presently, 58% of landing pages incorporate clickable graphics, which make for powerful deal closers. 
  • Businesses that add 5 more landing pages to their sites can bump up lead generation by 55% 

How Genexod Creates Powerful Landing Pages for Businesses

  • We help businesses discover their ideal customer and unique product/service strengths. 
  • Genexod makes your landing page background interactive, personalized and attention-grabbing. 
  • Genexod creates landing pages that build instant trust via social proof, including testimonials, purchase statistics, partner brands & more. 
  • We’ll optimize your images, and eliminate speed drainers to make your page lightning quick
  • Genexod reworks your landing page to make it responsive across all devices  

Reach us at now to implement effective landing pages on your website and make your business successful today.