It’s always a good idea to be looking ahead for 2022’s senior living digital marketing trends. In senior living, we believe there are ten marketing trends that will affect the senior living industry. If you position yourself correctly in these trends, you’ll take three steps ahead of your competitors. 

New Trends To Consider Beyond COVID-19

  • 75% of this demographic begins their search for information online
  • Over the last year, searches for terms such as “senior living” increased by 15%
  • Every hour, 6,000 online queries related to elder care in the United States
  • The average conversion rate in the senior living business is 30%

Critical Digital Marketing Stats

  • Smartphones account for more than 60% of all website visitors
  • 86% of people disregard reviews older than three months
  • Investing in SEO is 38% less expensive than using a lead aggregation service
  • More than 15 interactions are required in website to convert sales
  • 90 % of people use the internet to find a local business

6 Critical Stages In The Senior Care Living Consumer Journey

  • Awareness
  • Research
  • Consideration
  • Evaluation
  • Selection
  • Narrowing down

Senior Living & Senior Care Often Initiate Journey Online

  • Typical conversion rate for senior living leads is 30%
  • According to 68 % of senior living marketers, website is a most effective medium
  • After two years of looking, 47 % of independent living people find a senior care home
  • Typical conversion rate for senior living web leads is barely 23%
  • Organic search is used by 39% of users to re-find a senior living community

Trends In Senior Care Marketing In 2022

  • Your website and user experience must be a major concern
  • A full-funnel marketing plan allows you to connect with your customers
  • Social proof and testimonials are essential
  • Personalization is effective
  • The next phase is conversion rate optimization

Strategies To Follow To Attract Seniors & Keep Them Engaged

  • Pop up the website regularly in their search results
  • Guides about things to do in the area
  • Other sources of information about the senior living community – review sites & business listings
  • Developing well-thought-out pay-per-click advertising strategies

Genexod can improve your assisted living marketing in 2022 by developing appealing, user-friendly websites and fine-tuning current digital marketing techniques.