The Administration on Ageing (AOA), the principal agency of the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, predicts that by 2030, one in every five Americans will be over 65. The assisted living industry is growing at a much faster rate due to the aging population.

The job of an assisted living resident manager is not a cakewalk. You have got to take care of several responsibilities. And this is where assisted living management software comes into the picture. How? You may already be running your senior living facility quite efficiently but there is always scope for improvement and this improvement can be enhanced using an assisted living management software.

Let us show you at least 10 ways in which an assisted living management software can help manage your senior care facility better.

Makes Data Handling More Reliable and Easy

If you are managing an assisted living service for seniors, you already know the huge amount of data needed to be tackled. There is data related to the cost, occupancy, management of medications, and appointments to the professionals, just to name a few. 

With resident management software, all your data is available on a single platform. This makes it easier for you to handle the data. It also reduces confusion and increases reliability. 

Enhances Your Occupancy Ratio

If you are running an assisted living residence, you surely need to enhance your occupancy ratio. A higher occupancy ratio is undoubtedly good for your business. It is also important for the overall social interaction of the elderly residents. A few assisted living management software, like that provided by Genexod, help you in lead generation and conversion. The software helps you keep track of calls, emails, and walk-in queries so that you can proactively boost your sales.

Facilitate Personal Scheduling

Resident Management Software is not only about the collective data of the business. It helps in maintaining and managing the personal data of the residents too. The software facilitates personal scheduling for the residents. There’s a lesser risk of missing an appointment due to human error. And, you can boast about your superior quality of service delivery.

Eases Pre-Admission and Admission Processes

From medical reports to insurance papers, there are lots of documents that come along with every new occupant of the assisted living residence. A resident management software can help you automate your workflow and ease the pre-admission and admission processes. 

Who does not want a hassle-free system, by the way?

Automates Important Processes including Billing

A very common thing you would notice in any senior care home is that the level of care required by individual changes over time. In some cases, the changes are frequent too. If you don’t have an automated billing system, it can be really difficult to track and charge individuals. A senior care management software provides you with an automated alert system for processing bills and for informing you about the dues if there are any.

Provides Personalized Approach to Caregiving

A senior care management software can monitor any deviation from the baseline of the vital signs. By keeping track of an individual’s health records it helps you in providing personalized care to each resident. And, of course, one of your biggest concerns as an assisted living administrator would be to keep each resident as healthy and happy as you possibly can. 

Not only this, the software lets you create custom service plans that you can offer to the elderly residents and bill accordingly.

Bridges the Communication Gap between all Important Parties

Caring for elderly residents is teamwork. Senior living software makes it easy for all the parties to communicate and stay on the same page. Each staff involved in caring for the residents is connected through the software. Moreover, the software provided by Genexod, allows family members of the residents to monitor their activities any time they want. This leaves no room for a communication gap between all the parties involved in caring for the elderly in your senior care residence.

Enhances Staff Retention Rate

One of the major challenges of the senior-care industry is the low retention rate of the staff. The assisted living management software can help you in managing the work-schedule and payment processes of the staff, thus increasing the rate of their retention. An elderly care facility needs the attention of the staff 24*7. This means you have to divide the available staff into different shifts and track their total work hours. The management software takes away the majority of the burdens from your shoulder related to the hiring of staff, shift distribution, and work-hour calculation, etc.

Takes Care of Emergency Notifications

With the software solution provided by Genexod, you can stay stress-free and calm even during the situation of crisis. As an administrator, you need to keep your mind relaxed because your team relies on your decision-making skills during the time of an emergency. The assisted living management software can help you automate timely and relevant emergency notifications for a large group as well as for a specific person as per the need of the situation.

Saves Your Time and Energy by Taking Care of some Mundane Tasks

If you or your staff manually answers frequently asked questions over the phone or on your website, you know how boring it is!

Despite being a boring task, it is so important that you cannot leave those questions or phone calls unanswered. A chatbot, for example, LUCI of Genexod, can save you lots of time and energy by doing this mundane task for you. The chatbot has artificial intelligence that helps it learn from the experience of interacting with your customers. 

By now, you must have realized that assisted living management software can help you in taking care of almost all your responsibilities as an assisted living administrator. Undoubtedly, your task comes with a new challenge every day. But, you can rely on assisted living management software at least to ease all the recognized challenges of your role. It works as your partner and enhances the value of services provided by you.