By the end of 2021, 90% of the online customer interaction of bank customers will be handled by chatbots powered by AI and ML technology. And despite people showing a little bit of doubt in this technology, it will undoubtedly happen for a better user experience. There is no denying that customers like chatbots, and most of the websites now have their chatbots to grab the viewer’s attention and provide relevant answers to any of their queries regarding the website, products, and services present on the website. There are several benefits that a company receives when they deploy a chatbot on their website, and that’s what we are going to discuss here today. 

Top 7 Important Benefits of Integrating a Chatbot with Your Business.

What Is An AI Chatbot?

People use AI, chatbots, virtual assistants, and automation interchangeably, but in truth, these are pretty different from one another. Even a simple chatbot is different from an AI-powered chatbot. The main difference comes down to understanding the difference between artificial intelligence and automation. An artificial intelligence chatbot is a text or voice-based interface which provides interactive support and connects users with the required information, which is done by simulating a person-to-person conversation. 

Benefits Of Integrating A Chatbot In Your Business’s Website

Zero Waiting Time

With the help of LUCI chatbot for business websites, the users don’t have to wait even for a single second to get answers to their queries. It might sound wrong, but even a 10 seconds delay in the playing of the video will make the viewer unhappy, leading them to leave the website. This kind of impatience should not be restricted to only videos. This type of behaviour can be seen on websites. Think about losing 50% of customer strength only because no one is there to solve or answer the queries that the customers ask. With the integration of chatbots, impatient customers will get answers right after sending their queries resulting in an overall better user experience. 

Endless Patience

It sometimes happens that customers are not happy about something, and they start abusing the operator who is on the line taking their call. In the heat of the argument, even an operator can say a few bad things, which can ultimately result in an inadequate customer response from your company. But when it comes to Chatbot software for websites, they don’t lose patience, and even in the coming years, no matter how advanced they become, the emotion of being hurt won’t be included.

In addition to this, the representative is always required to be more patient than the customer. With the help of an AI chatbot, you can solve that problem and eradicate unnecessary human interaction. 


The chatbot service providers like Genexod always aim to provide their customers with the programmability of their chatbot. As a result, customers can easily integrate their responses into the chatbot and make chatbots more personalized. A chatbot is quite unlike any other in-person representative, and it is true no one can replace the emotional touch which a human brings along with them. But what makes chatbots so efficient is their level of personalized experience as they can access the history of the customer and their previous interactions to provide a more cohesive chat, so the customer doesn’t have to wait for a reply or a solution to their problem. 

Indeed, AI chatbots are still developing, and companies are not treading in that direction, but future personalized chats will be a real thing, and chatbots will lead the change. 

Budget-Friendly Customer Care

The AI powered chatbots from Genexod are capable of handling complex queries on their own. There is a certain amount of investment that a company has to put before the implementation. Still, once it is done and the chatbot is deployed, the rest of the customer handling will run on autopilot. The cost of maintaining an army of AI powered chatbots is relatively less than paying a monthly salary to the customer care representatives. According to Juniper’s research, chatbots helped reduce the extra cost of customer care in the banking industry by $209 million in 2019. Also, Juniper came up with an estimation of $7.3 billion by the end of 2023.

Keeping Up With the Trend

No matter your business, you need to constantly upgrade your tech and services to stay ahead in the competition. The tech companies like Genexod are coming up with a chatbot for assisted living that can answer multiple questions of multiple users all at the same time. Giving ample time to companies to work on more important things while still keeping the customers happy and satisfied. 

Increases Customer Engagement

On the other hand, bots are the way to get more customers as they can leverage an increase in customer engagement with timely tips and offers. Also, chatbots that one can find on Facebook are a great way to let the new customers know about the brand and what products the company is trying to sell to their customers. With Facebook bots in place on several brand pages Facebook, the feedback response has seen an uptick of 30%. 

AI Chatbot Helps In Understanding Customer

Chatbots can understand the human pattern and send them recommendations accordingly. During the chat, AI-based chatbots can survey the customer and determine their requirements and expectations from the conversation. Talking bots can convert a one-sided text into an engaging discussion and pitch products to customers without making it feel too conspicuous. 

In Conclusion

More and more companies implement AI chatbot integration on their websites to take advantage of 24×7 customer support while keeping the human capital low. With the advancement of technology, Genexod is aiming to create personalized AI-powered chatbots for every platform. As a result, it is high time to embrace the change and benefit from upcoming technology to boost sales and customer satisfaction.