Whether you’re new in the assisted living industry or already have an established reputation, you should consider assisted living software as an ace in your deck. You’ve probably already heard of it and are aware of the benefits. Even so, did you know that there are 7 compelling advantages tied to the quality of care alone?

Software for an assisted living rarely limits itself to a particular facet of a community or facility. However, what makes it unique, particularly the one we offer in Genexod, is that these advantages are both holistic and specific.

They’re interconnected and in-depth at the same time, and you will more or less see this once you take the time to know the benefits of senior living software on the quality of care.

Your staff’s workload will be considerably reduced

Assisted living software for senior care focuses on optimizing resident management. With Genexod, you won’t have to ask staff to manually acquire resident information.

And if there is some touch of manual effort, it’s often possible to complete it with far less time and effort required.

  • They won’t have to prepare and distribute surveys with the intent to improve services.
  • Additionally, assisted living software makes good use of automation. Genexod has an automated functional assessment feature that allows caregivers to know the level of care necessary without doing it themselves.
  • The software also sends automated notifications concerning the patient’s vitals. If it falls below from the baseline, caregivers will be promptly informed about it.
  • The same can be said for reports, particularly those about state compliance. Your staff won’t have to plow through mountains of paperwork to prepare them.

These are but some of the ways senior living software helps lighten the burden of healthcare providers.

You will be provided with in-depth information about every resident

Without a doubt, this kind of hyper-focus is important if a community wants to achieve the highest quality of care. Resident management software for assisted living lets you keep track of all the residents’ personal and health information and conveniently update them should the need arise.

  • It adds a much-needed touch of organization through its ability to track admissions, move-ins and move-outs, and hospitalizations with minimal human intervention.
  • You’ll be able to keep track of resident performance through charts and graphs.
  • In the same way, you’ll also know how many residents are participating in your activities and get ready feedback about each one.
  • You can customize the way you monitor residents to conveniently look for trends and notable changes in behavior.

The more you acquire invaluable data like this, the more you’ll be able to move towards your ideal quality of care. By and large, this takes knowing your residents to the fullest.

You’ll be able to schedule smarter

Poor scheduling practices are often the elephant in the room that many community managers choose to ignore. Ignoring it is equal to ignoring your staff. In the end, there’s always a limit for everyone, so it won’t be surprising if communities suffer from staff shortages because of this.

With Genexod, you’ll be given a comprehensive module where you can keep track of and manage staff profiles, schedules, and even their swap and vacation requests in real-time. This is crucial since it empowers them. It gives them direct access to you as their manager.

More importantly, you’ll be able to easily see an overview of your present scheduling practices. This way, you’ll immediately see areas you can improve and make prompt positive changes.

It’s designed with healthcare in mind

If you thought senior care management software is only concerned with management, well, you thought wrong. Not only does Genexod help caregivers keep track of vital signs and make assessments on levels of care but it also serves as a direct bridge to the residents’ doctors. One of its features allows physicians to log in remotely to Genexod and proceed to monitor their patient’s progress from there.

It encourages you to improve your services

After all, you’ll also be able to keep track of caregiver services. This goes well with the ability to monitor resident performance since the two will always be correlated. You can even create schedules for customized restorative services should residents require more specific types of caregiving.

Last but not least is the reporting side of things. You can keep track of service logs about both residents and state compliance. You may even send out regular reports about resident services to their respective family members with minimal hassle.

It lays down the groundwork for optimal staff communication

Communication breeds coordination. A well-coordinated team of healthcare providers render far superior quality of care than the opposite. Genexod has kept this in mind, so we have integrated it in multiple ways to maintain community-wide communication.

Staff can be sent automated notifications should emergencies or shifts and changes in scheduling occur. Overall, it’s designed to improve the communication between nurses and caregivers.

It gets the residents’ families and loved ones involved

We can’t deny the value of having family close by your side as you weather whatever illness, disability, or limitation you have. Feelings of loneliness do good for the outcome of patients. You can never have enough support to keep your motivation and involvement high.

This is why Genexod also encourages families to maintain their presence in their loved one’s life through its family access feature. With it, family members will also know what activities their senior is participating in and the overall progress he or she is making.


As you can see, the ace in the deck analogy we made earlier works. Why? Because what serves as the vital lifeline of any senior living community is its quality of care?

If you find yourself faced with limited routes to take when improving that fundamental aspect, assisted living software may unlock them for you. It’s a good representative of what present-day technology has to offer for senior living communities to survive and prosper. After all, it’s virtually impossible to name other solutions with this unique collection of revolutionary advantages.