Nothing communicates your message like audiovisual media. The best way to broadcast customized and targeted audiovisual media is through digital signage. You can call them digital billboards. These are digital screens, just like your typical TV, but much easier to install and maintain. You can broadcast high-definition visuals including graphics and videos, splattered with text. Most of the digital signage units come with an inbuilt audio system so that you can also play sound along with the visuals.

The great thing about digital signage solutions like GSign from Genexod is that every regular TV can be converted into a digital signage broadcasting medium. All you need is the right software and a little bit of programming that can be easily done. Once the system is set up, the existing televisions can be used to broadcast important messages. No technical knowledge is required. The interface can be completely web-based so that you can also use it through your browser.

Digital Signage What is Digital Signage?

As mentioned above, they are like interactive billboards. A big difference between traditional billboards and digital signage is that in traditional billboards, the content that you display is not dynamic. You cannot display audiovisual content. In digital signage, the content can be dynamic, and it can be changed on the fly, just like a TV screen. You can show moving images. You can show advertisements. You can show movie scenes and animation. You can show text. You can even give a live speech for that matter.

Digital signage is a combination of many technologies including hardware, software, and Internet connectivity.

To use digital signage, you need to install the screen at a strategic location where the maximum number of people can view it. Very often it comes with embedded software to control media. The media can be dynamically changed using Wi-Fi or mobile technologies. The content can be changed or controlled remotely through a computer dashboard or a web-based interface.

Are you planning to install digital signage within your senior living facility? Are you wondering what would be the benefits of installing digital signage screens at various locations, even inside individual rooms of your residents? In this post, we are listing seven benefits of using digital signage for businesses in general and senior resident facilities in particular.

1. Very easy to install

Digital signage is extremely easy to install. You can install it on a wall. You can also fix it on a pole or hang it from somewhere (just make sure it doesn’t fall on someone). You can also place it on a table. Consequently, you can install a digital signage screen in practically every room of your senior care living facility.

2. It does not need extra paraphernalia 

All it takes is a screen with connectivity. It can be remotely connected using Wi-Fi or a Sim card and the multimedia data can be broadcast on it with great convenience. In most of the cases, the speakers are embedded within the screen, but you can also install additional speakers if you want to amplify the sound. 

3. Real-time messaging

Since your audiovisual content can be broadcast directly onto the screen, your messages can be relayed immediately, without even a second of delay. This ability can be very handy when you want to broadcast critical messages, or even daily menus, for that matter.

 4. Messages can be pre-programmed and changed accordingly 

You can control your digital signage campaigns from a mobile app or a computer. The messages can be programmed to be relayed or played at specific intervals. In the context of your senior residential facility, suppose on Wednesday you have a specific menu for lunch. Since it is already pre-decided, you can feed it into the program in advance and the new menu will be displayed on all the screens (or relevant screens) automatically.

You can also have rule-based messages. Suppose, you want to advise your senior care residents to wear warm clothes in case the temperature is low. You can pre-program your broadcast in such a manner that your computer or mobile phone can automatically find the temperature outside and tell the residents if they should wear clothes according to moderate weather or extreme weather.

5. Greater recall and retention

It is very important for the residents of your senior care facility to be able to comprehend critical messages, and also remember them. You can use the digital signage service to broadcast important messages such as compliance, safety and security, physical exercise and personal hygiene, social etiquette, and even reminders for medical checkups on a repeat basis using an enhanced audiovisual presentation so that they can draw the attention of your residents. As mentioned above, critical messages can be automated so that they are repeated after a fixed duration, for example, in the morning, just before going to bed.

 6. Keep your employees informed

The digital signage devices can be used to keep your employees informed as they are busy in the various corners of your facility. Crucial messages and reminders can be broadcast on all the screens or individual screens. You can remind them if shifts are about to be changed. You can broadcast messages about how to treat the residents with care and respect. Important things to be remembered can be routinely displayed on the screens.

7. Useful information in the waiting area

Your waiting area is a place where lots of people who are, maybe, visiting your facility for the first time, or have come to check if their loved ones (or themselves) can comfortably live at your facility. This can be a great place to provide them with useful information. You can make small videos of your residents having a good time, being taken care of by your expert staff or physicians. You can create a scroll of all the services and facilities available to your residence. You can publish testimonials in the form of videos or even text. Rules and regulations can be splashed on the screen. You can also display contact information.

Although digital signage solutions rely upon digital boards or TV screens, Gsign solutions can be used with your existing television sets. There is a chance that you have TV screens installed in all the rooms and passageways even in the waiting lounge. You do not have to display digital signage messages all the time. Normally, your residents and staff members can enjoy the usual TV programming. Just when important messages are to be broadcast, you can control the TV screens using the digital signage software from your web browser and initiate communication.