Website Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist – Genexod

Did you know that the average eCommerce site converts at 2.8%? Let that sink in for a moment. For every 280 leads you get, that means that roughly just 80 move onto sales. Yikes! It’s an alarming state of affairs. But there’s much you can do to make your website, eCommerce or otherwise, ramp up its conversions. While 2.8 is above average and counts as pretty decent, there’s much room for improvement as some websites are hitting an impressive 11%! Let our website CRO checklist show you how:  


Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist 

  • 5 seconds Loading speed or time. Research shows this span bodes best for your conversion rate 
  • 38% of leads would love personalization. Personalizing content is key to improving conversion rates
  • 69.99% of carts are abandoned. Simplifying checkout is key to reducing abandonment
  • 6 in 10 leads find user-generated content decisive. Trust badges & testimonials can enhance CRO
  • 88 % of consumers are more inclined to buy if there’s an offer for free shipping
  • 70% of leads prefer human reps to bots, hence the need for live chat to increase conversions

Conversion Rate Across Industries And Platforms 

  • 2.35% stands as the average website conversion rate regardless of the niche
  • 11% is the CR some great websites get so don’t limit your site’s potential
  • At 4.14%, conversion rates are higher on desktop 
  • 1.32% is the average conversion rate when it comes to mobile
  • 6.8% is the highest conversation rate for any industry. 

Why Does Conversation Rate Optimization Matters?

  • 78% of businesses today are unhappy with their conversion rates
  • 57% of B2B marketers believe that when assessing the success of a landing page, CRO is king
  • Most websites experience this much bounce rate which means CRO is direly necessary
  • $1.932 billion will be the estimated market value of CRO software by 2026

Challenges Of Conversion Rate Optimization 

  • 82% of specialists find tracking and testing conversions to be an uphill task 
  • 4 in 10 websites leave a website when page load speed spans more than 3 seconds
  • 79% of website owners are struggling with personalization which in turn hinders CRO 
  • 48% of conversions happen after at least 4 contacts with leads
  • 85% of marketing specialists don’t put in enough effort in terms of following up on “difficult” clients

How Genexod Can Help You With Conversation Rate Optimization?

  • We implore image compression and advanced web design to lower load times
  • We implore the latest A/B testing methodologies to lower your bounce rate by up to 70% & improve conversions
  • Generate online business reviews and testimonials that will add instant credibility to your website
  • Optimize your product pages to ensure the perfect fit with leads
  • Check out the optimization process which often increases conversions by 35.26% on average