Assisted Living Facility

You may even want to take the initiative to introduce more in-demand amenities or services in your facility by asking your leads exactly what it is that they wantLeads sow the seeds of success for practically all kinds of enterprises that offer products and services. Assisted living facility owners only slightly stand out in that they mostly concern themselves with and actively look for senior leads.

And it can’t be denied that when it comes to leads, more always means better. The specificity of the target group, though, could prove to be a downside as it immediately means a very limited scope. That’s one of the main challenges of coming up with ways to generate leads for your assisted facility.

However, what’s good is that there are quick, effective, and results-driven marketing strategies for assisted living facilities that you can start adopting now. And with careful understanding and application, you’ll find that marketing assisted living facilities isn’t as herculean a challenge as you think it is.

7 Tips to Quickly Gain Juicy Leads for Your Assisted Living Facility

1) Offer services that are unique and value-driven to stand out from your competitors.

It’s never enough to just settle for delivering what’s essential to seniors. You may have the best services and amendments in your facility, but if you don’t offer something more eye-catching when trying to attract potential residents, more and more leads might just leach out of your sales funnel.

That said, something as simple as a free gift might do loads of wonders, though, we stress that it has to bring as much value as possible to the senior or even to his family members that your facility might be missing. Be creative in coming up with your own twists to truly become a standout.

2) Use the power of online advertising to the fullest.

Even if you have the most stellar-looking website out of all the other facilities in your target area, it will only go to waste if you’re not juicing up your web presence. Of course, one of the fastest ways to get results is through internet ads.

Utilized optimally, paid social media ads, and paid search ads alone can deliver you all the highly-targeted traffic you’ve been aiming to get. Facebook, in particular, remains a perennial recommendation with its consistently high CTR.

As long as you invest time in optimizing your campaigns, you’ll see those much-desired leads flowing in soon enough. Be prepared, though, as this takes dedication and perseverance, especially if you want to make the most out of your advertising budget and always take into consideration the cost-benefit flux.

3) Have your facility included in assisted living listing services?

Since we’re talking about the speed of lead generation here, you need to start capitalizing on online listing services like the one offered by Senior Service Maps. For a monthly cost, you’ll be able to include your facility in their listing service.

They let you construct a custom page for your facility, outlining its benefits, complemented by images of its amenities.

Once listed, SSMaps will then start to send referrals to you at no additional cost and you can communicate with the interested parties directly in the platform as well. What’s great about these kinds of services is that they often serve as a direct bridge between seniors and care homes that will provide them the exact needs that they have.

4) Start paying more attention to how you present your webforms.

Your webforms can dictate a lead’s decision to push through or not so it’s crucial for you to optimize them. For all you know, your current low lead generation may every well be rooted in this sole problem. There’s plenty of evidence that suggests that shorter web forms that require very little information from people work better than their longer counterparts.

In most cases, you don’t have to ask too much personal information yet so keep it limited to first and last name, contact number, and ZIP code in the beginning. Experiment on the copy, CTAs, and even button size and colors of your choosing. Figure out how each one performs by tracking data and pinpoint the one that works best.

5) Power up your social media presence.

Social media is a digital place that will never run out of leads. In fact, senior users are only increasing over time, especially on Twitter and Facebook. Invest time in building your followers and make sure the content you regularly release is interesting, engaging, and relevant as much as possible.

Take the opportunity it offers to showcase your facility’s events and services. You can even post a video that provides a full virtual tour. Remain consistent and you’ll have followers inquiring about your services in no time.

6) Adopt a more open approach.

If your assisted living facility’s doors have been relatively closed to visitors and the local community and senior organizations before, perhaps it’s high time to open your doors, so to speak. You can, for instance, start with the events you organize, allow the community to take part in them, for example.

This is definitely one good way of capturing the interest of the local community. And undoubtedly nothing gives a lasting, good impression than a senior care home that engages everyone.

7) Let the pros and technology do it for you.

If you’re close to giving up and need all the full, hands-on assistance you can get, know that technology and dedicated companies that offer software solutions are on your side. In Genexod, we offer a comprehensive collection of digital marketing services that will deliver the whole nine yards for not only assisted living lead generation but conversion as well.


Lead generation in the assisted living sphere should be multi-pronged, considering the fact that you are targeting a very specific demographic. If you aren’t getting the results you want at the start, don’t give up! It’s all about taking actionable steps, paying attention to how all your endeavors are performing, and, more importantly, honing your marketing strategies for assisted living facilities as you go on.