10X Your Business ROI with Genexod’s Marketing Automation

Is your business heaving under the tremendous burden of marketing and all the nitty gritty that comes with it? Worse yet, is your ROI not quite looking up despite your efforts? Genexod’s marketing automation is here to save the day. Work smart, not hard, and let technology ease the pressure on your workflow to drive efficiency and profitability. Make every effort count by tapping into the right marketing automation tools that get and keep your business ahead. Here’s what our digital marketing company’s automation software can do for your business to explode your ROI beyond your wildest dreams. 

Genexod’s AI-powered chatbot (LUCI) is a great way to hack sales   

Here at Genexod, part of our marketing automation solutions covers chatbots for Facebook messenger and your website. Powered by artificial intelligence, LUCI is great for the following purposes, which we’ll illustrate in a moment: 

  • Lead generation
  • Lead qualification 
  • Lead nurturing

Let’s tear a little bit into how our chatbot can help you generate more high-quality leads. You see, many businesses typically leverage past use cases to this effect and a conversational AI can help to prequalify leads through specific questions. Depending on the responses, qualified leads can then be directed toward an appointment. Today, over 5 in 10 companies that rely on chatbots agree that it gets the job done when it comes to reeling in high-quality leads

The best part is that you don’t need to get your sales team involved, meaning you’re saving time and money as well. 

Moreover, chatbots run 24/7 and can provide lead nurturing even when you’ve closed shop for the day or during the holidays. Lead generation never takes a pause, with our technology, and the same goes for your revenue stream. 

Delegate iterative tasks to LUCI so you can focus on revenue 

As a marketer, you may have to juggle several responsibilities. From event planning duties and overseeing tours to handling customer queries and maintaining a marketing plan, the number of iterative responsibilities on your shoulders can bog down your workflow. 

That’s where our intelligent Chatbot LUCI comes in. LUCI is driven by machine learning technology, which means it gets better from every interaction with your customers and leverages big data to become even more efficient and effective. More, it’s not just a text-based conversational AI but also has voice capabilities, ensuring it can double up as the perfect virtual assistant.

As a result, this grants marketers freedom from many of the iterative chores we’ve talked about from your workflow. LUCI can take charge of FAQs so your team doesn’t spend too much time addressing customer concerns over the call. Rather, they can turn their attention to other important revenue-driving processes. What’s more, the possibility of burnout reduces, while freeing up space for more creativity.  

Tap into cross-channel marketing revenue with Genexod

The typical customer journey encompasses a variety of channels. With our technology by your side, your business can keep up with these leads wherever they go. Our marketing automation tools achieve this via a combination of marketing automation tools that covers:

  • SMS marketing
  • Email marketing
  • CRM and more, all in one place

Consequently, this reduces the legwork for marketers while expanding the breadth of your sales funnel to cover all your bases. The number of leads that slip through the cracks goes down and thus you can maximize your ROI with a highly effective cross-channel marketing campaign strategy. Moreover, in the case of cart abandoners, you can reach out to these buyers via automated sequences, which are certain to help get more sales over the line. 

Genexod’s marketing automation enables personalization for more sales success

How do businesses differentiate themselves from the competition? In the modern age, personalization is king when it comes to sales. With our big data analytics, we make it easier than ever for your workflow to personalize its marketing. Just to give you a better perspective of why personalization is important in marketing, check out these crazy stats: 

  • Leads are 41% more likely to open an email if the subject line contains their names
  • Buyers are 80% more inclined to make a purchase if the experience feels bespoke 
  • Personalized messaging can increase lead engagement by a whopping 72% 
  • Over 66% of your market requires you to figure out their needs, down to an individual level
  • 70% of customers say that they’ll only be loyal to companies that cater to their unique needs

So as you can see, if you’d like to sell more, personalization is the way to go. However, it can be such a chore to go at it alone without the aid of technology. For instance, consider having to craft specific subject lines for an email list of over 1000 contacts. Phew! Our marketing automation software takes over this grunt work while enabling big data analytics that allows you to get into the mind of your buyers. 

Genexod’s marketing automation ensures improved accountability

The other perk of our marketing automation software is enhanced workflow accountability. This means your team members are more likely to adhere to their KPIs, meet deadlines and fulfill their responsibilities.  

Our marketing automation tools ensure every marketing interaction is visible to managers. It can aid with task designation and tracking, creating a virtual workspace that you can easily manage to squeeze the most out of your human personnel. With this increased transparency and efficiency, team productivity goes up and so too does your business’ revenue. 


A couple of years back, marketing automation became some sort of a buzzword that was more of a convenience rather than a need. In today’s fast-paced world of click-happy leads who demand instant results, however, marketing automation software is a necessity. And a great one at that. Genexod’s marketing automation software, covering our intelligent chatbot LUCI, is an excellent option to cut down on costs and effort while ensuring ROI heads the other way. If maximum profitability is what you yearn for, our marketing automation agency will set you up with just the technology you need to achieve this. Are you ready to turbocharge ROI like never before? Contact us today.