8 Powerful Benefits of Using PPC Advertising in Assisted Living Marketing

Your assisted living community has a breadth of digital marketing firepower at its disposal. Among the most popular ones are PPC ads. PPC, or pay-per-click, is a type of advertising where online ads eat up a portion of your budget based purely on user clicks. In other words, when a user clicks on the ad, you pay for that click. It’s a model that’s been around for years, proving part of the digital marketing trends that resisted the test of time, in fact growing from strength to strength. If you’re wondering just what PPC advertising brings to the table for your senior care service, these eight incredible benefits should clear any doubt. 

It’s as cost-efficient as marketing gets

Many assisted living providers are struggling to break even, with one Mc Knight survey indicating that 49% of such facilities are operating in the red. The pandemic has been part of the uptrend in losses, bringing in new costs while driving off revenue.

But PPC advertising can help balance the bottom line equation better, and the answer to this is in fact in the name: pay-per-click. Not on the total traffic you’ve gotten for the ad, reach or even total impressions, you pay solely for each click. A good digital marketing company, such as our very own Genexod, can further help you find that sweet spot, bridging results and budget with strategic PPC optimization.

PPC is proven effective- it works!

Will it work? That’s probably one of the top questions on the mind of assisted living providers and we’ll let the numbers do all the talking:

  • There’s a 200% increased probability of PPC conversion, compared to organic search. But that doesn’t mean you should bail on your SEO endeavor. The best approach is a multi-pronged strategy
  • 3.75% marks the average Google CTR for these types of ads
  • 63% of leads have no qualms with Google PPC ads and will click on them

Communities can leverage advanced targeting

We’ve talked about conversions and click-throughs, which speak volumes really. But success for your senior living community most likely has a lot to do with increasing your occupancy, which are the numbers that matter most to you.

To do that, it’s important that your marketing efforts don’t just reel in massive traffic but reach the right types of people as well. PPC affords enormous audience parameter configurations that allow you to determine your ad’s reach in terms of: 

  • Interests
  • Location 
  • Age and more.

In the end, this inevitably means better ROI as you can take out the “noise” or filler traffic from your advertising. 

The results can be quick 

In our time as a digital marketing agency for senior living, we’ve seen some pretty amazing stories of assisted living communities going from zero to hero due to PPC. In fact, one facility we helped was able to raise occupancy by 50% within just a month of a combination of PPC and a few other data-driven strategies we use. 

While organic SEO strategies like content marketing tend to be a slower burner, sometimes taking up to months before you reap significant fruits, success in PPC can be almost instantaneous. That’s because you’re straight away tapping into an existing stream of highly relevant leads

PPC is very versatile

When you think of advertising, Google understandably pops to mind. It’s undoubtedly one of the most successful advertising channels of our time but it’s not the only one. Thanks to the versatility and flexibility of PPC, you can leverage PPC for social platforms as well. And to great success too.

With the average conversion rate for PPC ads on Facebook hitting 26%, compared to Google’s roughly 4% (which is still pretty decent mind you), PPCs prove that they can bring enormous success across the board. 

Higher website traffic

Paid advertising is great, but organic ranking is essential for a sustainable, long-term marketing strategy. While PPC ads don’t directly bolster your search rankings, they may improve other factors that do, for example:

  • Dwell time and site interaction which algorithms consider
  • PPC can improve discovery over social channels and thus boost site traffic
  • Organic CTR may also be influenced by the high paid traffic

PPC offers a way to get leads actively searching for your services through the door. Once inside, your website can make the case to keep them there- or refer their networks- with more organic strategies. Reach out to our digital marketing agency for eCommerce to learn more. 

Immunity to updates

Search engine algorithms change their ranking criteria every which way all the time. As a digital marketing service, we’ve seen many digital marketing trends fall and rise within months of each, sending months- and even years- of hard work down the drain.

That cannot happen with PPC advertising. Even when Google takes an about turn as they rework algorithm criteria on a whim, your ads remain unaffected. No need to worry about on-website optimization. Once you get your keywords spot on, nothing can stop you. Not even Google.

Better brand awareness 

Did you know you can expand profits by 33% if your brand presentation is consistent and trustworthy? That’s right, at least as per findings from a LucidPress study anyway. Building brand awareness however takes work, but PPC affords a shortcut.

When your senior living community consistently pops up in all the right places (that being among the summit of SERPs), your community’s reputation, authority, and credibility soar. Over the long run, this means more residents or their families walk through the door, and you get more leads online as well. 

Genexod offers specialized PPC marketing for senior care communities

In need of PPC specialties and digital marketing for senior living at large? Let’s talk! Genexod has helped assisted living communities, adult day cares, respite care homes, memory care communities, and many more facilities raise occupancy and staff retention. If your community is struggling on either or both fronts, you need someone with experience by your side. An agency that gets your business. A company with tried-and-tested PPC solutions to get you results fast. That agency is Genexod. Reach out now to get your PPC campaign on the road.