Attract More Residents and Increase Leads with Assisted Living Marketing

Senior care communities have much to gain from a strategic approach to assisted living marketing. In our experience generating assisted living marketing ideas that sell, we’ve seen many communities witness crazy ROI. One facility that was under the red went on to make a full recovery and bump up business by increasing occupancy by 600% within 2 months. Another was able to widen its presence and tap into new markets to generate 300 to 400% more leads each month for its community. That said, today we deep dive into the how as we analyze the power of assisted living marketing for senior care services. Let’s get to it.

Assisted living marketing can get you more search engine visibility- and leads

Are you eager to learn how to increase occupancy in assisted living? The answer is as simple as it is complex: optimize for SEO. Your website might not be in the best shape. SEO standards change with lightning-fast frequency, and it requires constant work to just keep up. 

That’s where an assisted living marketing specialist like Genexod comes to your aid. We can help you tweak your site to conform to algorithm updates, and generally tick all the right boxes that search engines look for when ranking websites.

With up to 3 in 4 leads confessing to not venturing past the first page of search results, we need not emphasize why your assisted living website needs to make it onto the first page. Doing so gives your community more online visibility, which ultimately means more leads and residents. 

A data-centric approach can make your marketing more successful

Data is the new currency of the digital age. It enables businesses to leverage personalized insights that make marketing thoughtful, targeted, and much more effective. With the right digital marketing company by your side, your community gets access to deep-dive analytics to keep you on the same wavelength with your leads. 

Here’s how assisted living marketing data helps senior care communities to grow their occupancy: 

  • More informed pricing decisions to match the needs of audiences
  • Data can help assisted living communities to address specific concerns that may be holding back seniors from moving in
  • Better ROI due to improved effectiveness of assisted living marketing campaigns

Assisted living marketing can build awareness for your community 

There are many awesome senior care communities available to leads. Sadly, most of them are restricted in terms of reach either due to not having a website, or having one that’s not well put together enough to generate attention. 

Assisted living marketing, with the right senior living marketing company in your corner, is one way to change this and put your services out there. Particularly through strategic content marketing, you can begin to shed more light on the services you offer and why patients need them.

 For instance, you can put out content on why memory day care for seniors is beneficial, or the importance of respite care assistance to educate your leads. This way, leads can better understand the senior living options at their disposal. 

Overall, it allows you to tell your brand story and create value for leads beyond your services. And once brand recognition improves, you’ll have: 

  • Enhanced your competitive position
  • Strengthened loyalty to your brand
  • Ultimately, increased occupancy  

A killer website to help you with the floor with your competitors

Close to 28,900 assisted living centers operate in the US, each with a typical occupancy of about 33. In other words, the senior industry comes off as a highly competitive industry where you need to throw everything you’ve got at the competition to stay ahead. 

An assisted living company with experience in senior care CRO can help you stand above the competition with strategic web design that factors in the two sets of audiences who are often on the hunt for such communities. Overall, our agency can ensure: 

  • Easy navigation to match even leads who aren’t tech-savvy
  • The right font selection to meet the needs of seniors
  • Strategic imagery that sees your community put its best foot forward

Assisted living marketing can help you tweak your site’s CRO to ensure you attract leads and close the deal.

Assisted living marketing keeps your ears pressed to the digital door

Are you aware of what people are saying about your senior care community online? Most facilities aren’t. This leads to negative reviews going unresolved, allowing bad publicity to fester which will hurt conversions. 

The right assisted living marketing however keeps you in the loop of all that’s being said about your community, both good and bad. In a highly sensitive niche where one bad review in 10 is all it takes to bring a community down, it’s important to keep abreast of everything. A proactive approach to assisted living marketing, and leveraging the best online reputation management expertise, ensure you can get ahead of lead or resident challenges and solve these before they damage your brand. Consequently, you iron out obstacles that stand between your community and more residents. 

You can widen your net with a multi-faceted approach to assisted living marketing

Digital marketing has huge potential mostly because it allows your community to reach out to audiences in a variety of ways. 

For instance, email marketing can help your community to target much older generations, while social media marketing ensures you have better success rates with younger audiences such as a senior’s children. For audiences who are largely offline, text marketing is a great way to get their attention. Overall, you can reach a variety of leads with assisted living marketing and thereby increase your exposure, and reel in more residents.


Assisted living marketing requires a special and delicate approach. That’s because assisted living facilities face a certain type of stigma, and many seniors aren’t usually upbeat about the move. Factor in the reality that communities are also appealing to two different audiences that vary drastically in terms of preferences, i.e. seniors and their younger family members, then marketing becomes a whole new ball game. If you require assistance crafting the right assisted living marketing plan that takes these and many other considerations into account, Genexod can help you get started. Fill out our form and we’ll be right with you, or call us today.