Assisted living Marketing: Reach your Right Audience to Boost Your Occupancy Rate

You need to raise your occupancy rate. However, you’ll make little progress, and waste a lot of time and money if you’re not appealing to the right audience. Audience targeting is especially important when it comes to getting qualified leads for your assisted living facility. You don’t want to cast your net too wide otherwise you’re going to come up squat. So how do you reach the right audience that’ll make it worth your while? We made a few calls, consulted with a world-class assisted living digital marketing agency, and got wind of the following tips. Check out these bad boys: 

Try out gated content to get to know your leads better

Gated content refers to community-exclusive content with limited access. While it can work as a double-edged sword as it may encourage a few bounces, the leads that do get through tend to be highly qualified. 

Include a simple lead capture form as the requirement to gain entrance to said content. This is a great way to learn more about a potential lead so that you match them up with the right offers and followup effort. However, there are a few things you need to pay attention to when it comes to an assisted living lead capture form as follows: 

  • keep it short and simple: The fewer questions on your form, the fewer obstacles to lead conversion
  • Don’t beat about the bush. Make your CTA as clear as daylight 

Gated content is an excellent way to pull in the right audience, and it could entail a whole lot of material including online tools, reports, e-books, and the likes. 

Get your search engine optimization strategy spot on

SEO is a big deal if you think about your target demographic deeply for a minute. Many senior living leads tend to be adult children looking up good communities for their elderly parents. This category of people tends to be tech-savvy and are quick to ask Google rather than ask around about their assisted living options. 

To target these kinds of people, you need to formulate a good digital marketing strategy, at the heart of which has to be local SEO. This would entail creating relevant content that ties in with your location if possible, and using appropriate keywords featuring the names of towns, or states that your community serves. Partnering with other local businesses in the online space and creating an interconnected network of backlinks can also work to your SEO advantage. 

Host an event to put your community on the map

Are people in your area aware of your senior living community? Hosting senior living events is excellent for building awareness in your locality, which is your biggest source of qualified leads. Here are a few ideas in this regard that you should consider: 

  • Blood drives: Once you provide the donors, volunteers, and space, the American Red Cross should be able to take it from there. Local advertising can be an excellent technique to spread the word about your event. Be sure to have branded merch for attendees, preferable some sort of goody bag that also offers more details about your community
  • Open houses: Show prospective residents what they’re in for in terms of entertainment, food, and perks such as spas, etc.
  • Webinars: Online events can also work magic to attract the right leads and boost occupancy. It’s one of the digital marketing trends many facilities use to great success. So be sure to host a speaker series touching on senior issues and expert discussions. A few popular topics to get you going include depression and arthritis 

You can rarely go amiss with PPC marketing 

Did you know that $37 billion of ad revenue goes down the train due to mistargeted ads? Ouch! While PPC is a great way to reach the right audience as you basically pay for what you get, there’s still a lot that could go wrong. But lucky for you, we’ll show you how to make your PPC a hit. 

Of course, you’ll need to carry out thorough and proper keyword research using tools that preferably leverage actual search data, such as the Keyword Tool. Once you’ve figured out your magic phrases, be sure to optimize your landing page to fit that demographic we were talking about earlier. The general rule of thumb is to ensure your landing page offers CTAs and support information relevant to your community and the ad copy that leads to it.

Cool tip alert: If you have a bunch of keywords that you aren’t quite sure about, PPC can be a great place to test them out. Once you’ve established which keywords resonate best with your audience, you can use these keywords for your organic marketing as well such as when you create content. 

Protect your reputation

There’s nothing more important than a senior living community’s reputation. Leads will consider reviews and what other people are saying about you before they make up their minds about your facility. Of course, you’ll have both positive and negative reviews. It’s important to be just as active and responsive about the bad stuff as you are about the good. 

When compliments are made, be courteous enough to acknowledge them. When issues, concerns, or problems are raised, be sure to address those too. If it’s something within your control that you can change, do that and invite the person to share a follow-up review once you’ve sought out the initial problem. 

Make data your BFF to succeed

Do you rely on Google Analytics to finetune your website and appease the right traffic? GA is a tremendously helpful tool to help you understand your lead persona better and know what’s not working and what is. Overall, a data-centric approach is key to success when comes to getting the right traffic and increasing your occupancy rates. If you require the assistance of an experienced assisted living digital marketing company to leverage the data you need to get ahead, turn to Genexod digital marketing agency today. Visit their website to learn how they boost occupancy rates with strategic senior living marketing.