When we’re talking about the Best Landing Pages, we almost always mean those that convert extremely well. Of course, achieving the “extremely well” level is easier said than done. We plan and strategize conversion rate optimization solely for that purpose, after all.

At best, the most ideal route to take is to stick to proven guidelines that have consistently delivered positive results AND conduct landing page testing even after it’s complete. You can’t settle for anything less if you’re aiming for more conversions, if not the top. 

Taking a Page Off the Best Landing Page Books

Since we’re talking about pages that have gotten outstanding results in the past, we must take inspiration from the Best Landing Page Examples. There’s no need to pinpoint an exact website just to see what works. Rather, we only need to outline the factors that obviously serve as their common denominators to success. They are as follows:

  • Oftentimes, it’s best to be more direct in how you share information. Whether it’s through the headline or images, visitors should be able to immediately know what the content is about.
  • It pays to prioritize brevity as much as possible. More often than not, people want to be able to get the information they need without having to read blocks of text to get them. This is why adding bullet points can make all the difference in the world. Just like what we’re doing now!
  • A Website Landing Page that reduces the effort required from visitors just to get the information they need is always valued. For example, certain landing pages remove the need to scroll up or down just to share vital information. 
  • CTAs that are short and direct absolute work every time. If you can add a power word or two there (like free or zero-cost), it only ups the ante more, to say the least. 
  • There’s also the importance of using images that are highly relevant to the content you’re sharing. The use of colors that seize attention while being engaging at the same time is equally powerful.
  • Using only one contact form and making sure to use strategies like color contrasts and encapsulation wisely so as to make it stand and encourage visitors to fill them out.
  • Of course, we can’t forget about the copy used as well. Most landing pages that convert well tend to arrive at the point they’re trying to make in as few words as possible. Again, brevity!
  • Use signs and symbols that naturally make people want to perform an action. For example, some landing pages make good use of arrows to serve as directional cues, enticing users to find out what other goodies they’ll be able to get after clicking the CTA button.
  • Adding a touch of humor in your copy, as long as it establishes a connection with your intended audience, works wonders.
  • Striking a balance between neutral and bold colors is equally important. You don’t want to put off users by making the page too bland with the former and too bright with the latter.
  • Analyze your heatmaps. There’s no shortage of user behavior tracking tools out there that let you audit your landing page, particularly its usability and the possible key areas that need improving. 
  • Feedback and testimonials can make a big difference and should be included in the page’s content when applicable. 

These are only some of the landing page creation decisions that have proven to result in favorable outcomes for many marketers. Do they fit well with the standard recommendations that have been consistently advocated by many experienced online marketers around the world, Genexod included? Let’s find out. 

What Do These Similar Aspects from Successful Landing Page Ideas Prove?

More or less, it underscores that what most experts have been espousing from the very beginning is still what works for most. They prove that it’s still important to:

  1. Prioritize minimalism and keep your pages as simple as possible. 
  2. Your copy should be equally short but should lay out the benefits, pain points, and helpful features of anything you’re offering. 
  3. Make your call-to-action and content as clear and direct as most people prefer them to be.
  4. Use colors to your advantage and highlight important elements of the page with their help. However, be sure to not go overboard with it. Keep the visuals clean and organized.
  5. Attract people with the prospect of getting discounts, freebies, and other offers when they perform a specific action. Being upfront with the benefits can 
  6. Keep your headlines as short and packed with useful information as possible. Visitors should already gain an inkling about the benefits they can get just by reading it. 
  7. Social proof such as the clients you’ve worked with, their testimonials, and any recognition you’ve received from the press is very valuable. 

Never Skip the A/B Testing and Keeping Your Content Fresh

Ultimately it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to craft the perfect landing page from the get-go. Success in the long term only comes from consistent testing. And if you’re worried about spending a lot of time and money on it, don’t be.

It’s all about knowing what elements you need to improve over time. These include:

  • Testing the CTA button you’re using. Try out different shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Optimizing your landing page forms. Try to find the sweet spot of the amount of information you can extract that will still result in an acceptable, if not great, conversion rate.
  • Update the testimonials and reviews you get. People trust more recent reviews more. The same goes for any certification or recognition you get that will be good for raising trustworthiness.
  • Add videos and keep them engaging as much as you can. 
  • More importantly, don’t let your creativity stagnate. Try bringing in more eye candy with your visual choices. A dash of fun and happy-go-luckiness can prove to be effective as other successful landing page owners can claim, too. 


With all things considered, to create an effective landing page, you always have to adopt a user-centric approach and always aim to keep on honing and improving it over time. The more you put yourself in the shoes of your audience, the better. 

It goes without saying that our solutions at Genexod largely adhere to these guidelines as well, and the numerous clients we’ve worked within the past can attest to it.