It is a well-known fact that payroll accuracy and management are often said to be the most bane to the ever-burdened HR department. In most small companies, the payroll process is typically done manually, which is inefficient and quite susceptible to human error. It requires individuals to work with several people and handle lots of paperwork. But with the help of Genexod, different employee time management software like Paytime Time Tracker, a business can easily track the working hours of their employees and create invoices based on and fund the payrolls accordingly. Today, we will talk about how this software is the future of senior care management and will work great with several business models. 

 Better Payroll Accuracy in Senior Care Management by Paytime Time Tracker

Why Is It So Difficult To Get A Better Payroll Accuracy?

Before we get into the benefits and the need for employee time management software, we need to discuss why it is difficult for organizations. Simultaneously, few companies treat payroll as a standalone function and need to be handled by higher and more important employees. In the Payroll system, many moving pieces need to be in sync with each other so the whole system can perform. If there is an even minute mistake in the compensation, it could lead to an incorrect bonus or merit amount.

On the other hand, if the employee has incorrect data, it will lead to different payments, which could be more or less than expected. If we think of these scenarios from an employee’s perspective, they don’t know, and neither do they care about if the deductions were made for compensation, benefits, or time for them. It’s incorrect pay. As a result, companies need proof of how much time they have spent working for the company and the outcome in those hours to show their work rate and pay them accordingly. This is exactly what employee hours tracking software as Paytime time tracker does. 

What Is A Paytime Time Tracker?

Paytime Time Tracker software does several things that make the whole payroll process easier, and it removes the manual processing that was required in the first place. With automation, the software completely streamlines the payroll system and helps companies reduce their time and money investment while still keeping track of the employee’s attendance. Also, the whole system runs on the cloud system. As a result, company officials can log on to the software from any system and get the required information. 

The automated alerts are generated for employees and notifications, which erase the need to send out the reminder. In case an employee is giving extra time, the system will automatically know about it and put it in their system so when the time comes for the payment, HR will know how much extra amount needs to be given to the employee. The software has its staff attendance management system, which is integrated into the software and works effortlessly with other plugins of the software. 

Benefits Of Paytime Time Tracker

Now that you know the importance of time tracker and how it has become a necessary tool in the corporate world, let’s see some benefits of its working to know more about its features and usage. 

Helps In Identifying Non-Essential Activities

Often, employees are wasting the company’s time doing absolutely nothing productive, and everyone knows that time is a limited source. With the time and attendance tracking software, the company gets to know how much time is being wasted performing non-essential activities and where time can be reduced to get the better efficiency of the work. 

Stay Aligned With Your Goals

When these employee time tracking software are working, you know whether the team is performing at its best and when and where lacking. Also, it helps both the company and the employee to find out if they are on the right path or not. If you take a closer look at the insights that this software provides, you will get to know your goals in a much more elaborate way and the time needed to reach these goals. 

Increases Productivity

When the software is taking in a number of hours spent to perform one single task, the work rate of the employees will automatically increase, making it easier for the team leader to manage time constraints and remove any confusion around what the employee must be doing. Using a time tracker like Paytime gives teams a boost to perform best on their ongoing task and finish it under the given deadline. The software will alert you for the potential hiccups that could occur in day-to-day tasks and provide intel to create strategies to help your team get past them and be more productive. 

Better Management Of Projects

Time and attendance tracking software like Paytime gives employees the line of sight about how much time it will take for them to complete the task. Thus, managers of the teams can come up with a more realistic deadline giving appropriate time to their employees while still keeping the project profitable for the company. On the other hand, the data of each project is saved in the software. As a result, managers can better prioritize their future projects and their team capacity. 


The most important benefit which one receives when they are using the employee time tracking software is transparency. You are not going to get complaints from your employees about the incorrect payment of their work. As they too can see from the dashboard how much work they have done and how much money they are going to make at the end of the month. This is quite important in businesses that are running their own sales teams. It will help salespeople know how much business they have done in a day and give them clear information about how much money they have made for the company and themselves. 

Summing Up

Time tracker software like Paytime is made for everyone. If you are running a business and have more than ten employees, this is the software that can help you be vigilant on your employees and track their work progress in a more transparent and friendly way.