The Ultimate CRO Checklist to Drive More Sales in Compounding Pharmacy 

If you’re finding it hard to move your supplements and get RX refill requests, something could be up with your conversation rate optimization strategy. Several things could be to blame in particular, but not to worry if you’re scratching your head over what exactly. Today, our digital marketing company will hold your hand and show you the common mistakes many compounding pharmacies make that could be hurting their sales. This CRO checklist compiles some of the most important deal makers and breakers that are sure to spur your sales to life, particularly from an online perspective. Take a look.


Does your compounding pharmacy website look just as good on a desktop as it does on a tablet? You may want to try it out right now if you don’t have a clue.

So why is mobile friendliness important? If your website looks all jumbled up and hard to navigate on mobile, there’s a solid chance you could be killing up to 80% of your sales. That’s because 8 in 10 individuals who go online do so via mobile. 

Here are a few other benefits you get when your compound pharmacy website is mobile-friendly: 

  • Your content- and brand- becomes more shareable
  • Mobile-friendliness counts as a positive ranking signal 
  • Such sites load faster, thus reducing bounce rate and leads lost to it 
  • Mobile-friendliness can increase conversion probability by 67%

Website Layout 

Compounding pharmacies need to give much thought to their website layout. Because if your site makes it hard for your patients to find what they need, then your website is hurting rather than building your business. You’re losing leads who throw in the towel, and thereby you’re losing money.

Here’s how our pharmacy marketing agency suggests you go about your layout: 

  • Have a label for every service: Have a button for each service your offer (E.g. separate tabs for RX refills, weight management, hormone replacement, etc)
  • Preferably, this service bar should be displayed at the top of the page so leads can get to where they need to fast
  • Keep your contact information at the top of the page as well so buyers can easily get a hold of you

All in all, keep your home page as simple, concise, and as helpful as can be. Most compound pharmacy websites average a word count of 400 to 600 and we advise the same for your pharmacy as well. 

Upsell features

How effective is upselling for a compounding pharmacy? Upselling can bump up revenue for your business by up to 95%, although on average it boosts profits by approximately 20%. 

If you don’t have upselling features on your compound pharmacy website, it’s time to rethink your pharmacy marketing ideas. Once a lead buys a certain supplement, for instance, you want to also suggest additional products – preferably closely related ones- that a lead is likely to seriously consider. 

The first sale shouldn’t be the end of your pitch. Once a lead has their wallet out, you want to get them thinking about what else they need. Our digital marketing company can help you refine your checkout process to include upselling features and drive more sales. 


Does your compound pharmacy leverage chatbots? You could be missing out big time on some sweet after-hour revenue. Your contact form alone might not be enough to close the deal. When leads have to wait a long time to get their queries answered about possible purchases, chances are they’ll move on to someone else who’ll respond quicker

So how does a chatbot increase sales? And how do you use chatbots for sales? To answer the first question, they can automate the feedback process and improve turnaround time to ease conversion. Here’s how your compounding pharmacy can use chatbots for sales

  • Use chatbots to capture lead data and personalize marketing for better success rates
  • Rely on these to answer common user queries that often hamper a sale
  • Use a chatbot to offer reminders about abandoned carts before leads leave your website

And so much more. 

You can take our quick-learning AI-driven chatbot LUCI for a spin if you’d like to test out the power of chatbots first-hand. 


Every website imaginable today relies on an FAQ page. Much like chatbots, this section can also help address your patients’ concerns quickly so you move them through your sales funnel fast. 

So are FAQ pages good? You can bet your bottom dollar they are. Here’s what else FAQ sections can do for your compound pharmacy: 

  • It can improve site dwell time and can be great for your link-building strategy 
  • With the right keyword research, an FAQ can propel your pharmacy’s organic search visibility
  • FAQs can easily make it to Featured Snippets and shine more online attention on your brand
  • It helps build trust with new customers, which is the first step to more conversions and sales

Now let’s discuss FAQ content ideas. Here you need to put yourself in your lead’s shoes. A first-time customer may not even know what compounding is, or its benefits, so you want to address this as your first question. Common concerns by patients also included whether insurance covers compounding, how much it will cost them, requirements for a prescription, etc. Advisably, use dropdowns so all your questions are visible at a glance.  


For businesses of the modern age that’d like to thrive and cover all their bases with leads, a strategic online presence is beyond crucial. An online point of sale is just as important as your physical one, perhaps even more so as it allows you to reach an even larger audience. There are many other factors you need to think about as well to optimize your conversions. Others include USPs highlights, category structure, product pages, and more. Our list could easily get into double figures, but we just wanted to give you an overview of the most important ones that compounding pharmacies tend to miss or overlook. Reach out to our pharmacy marketing agency if you’d like to take a peek under the hood and solve your CRO kryptonite.