Who would have predicted that digital signage would become nothing short of vital in the senior care field and the healthcare industry at large? If you thought digital signage software was all just flash and sizzle in the past, that’s hardly the case now considering the utterly creative ways facilities have utilized it. And without a doubt, more perks will only reveal themselves in the long run, considering the fact that this technology is still undergoing evolution. 

In this post, we’ll be spotlighting the most compelling advantages of senior living digital signage, and we have 10 of them, to be exact. That should give you an idea about how far digital signage has already gone since its still relatively recent conception. Without further ado, let’s get right down to it.

Senior Care Providers

Can be a perennial source of entertainment for the entire community

It’s only right to discuss the main benefit of digital signages first. Our digital signage solutions at Genexod aren’t limited to practical use, after all, although that’s definitely one area where they shine the most. 

Since they can be connected to any kind of monitor, even Smart TVs, the sky’s practically the limit as far as what you can choose to show with the help of our digital signage. Obviously, this opens up plenty of opportunities to engage not only your staff but the residents as well. 

Eases up and optimizes communication

Every information that needs to be relayed on a resident-wide scale or in specific areas of the community can be transmitted in seconds. This removes the need to hire extra staff to fulfill that purpose, which only leads to significant cost-savings in the long run. Once properly set up, it especially shines in the velocity at which pertinent and relevant communication can be performed throughout the entire community. 

Can be tailored according to the staff’s needs

Not all digital signage communications have this particular benefit. We have it since our digital signage is also designed to scale with the communication needs of staff, with a deliberate focus on a senior care setting. Many unique scenarios such as emergency situations (like the common issue of falls in senior care facilities) can even be addressed with the help of our solutions. And, again, this goes back to their innate scalability advantage, besides the fact that they’re largely cloud-powered. 

Significantly reduces workload 

This goes both ways for providers and operators. Imagine not having to take extra long steps just to update the information you’re relaying with regards to schedules, daily activities, or menus for the day. You can control the content you want to show on every monitor that’s connected via a dedicated smartphone, computer, or laptop. Without a doubt, these options give a mobility advantage as well, allowing you to change the content quickly regardless of the time and place. 

Bring that much-needed personalization with AI digital signage

Our solution is also powered by AI, which only means greater flexibility of application. It can actively enhance the residents’ experience as it can give you insights into what they prefer at any given moment or for any specific purpose. Its applications pretty much span every activity or event that is currently happening inside your facility. 

For example, you can instantly make known what’s for dinner later in the day or even deliver instantly a request made by a specific resident. You may even make the content more interactive to improve resident and Staff engagement. No other solution can boast of imparting this kind of leverage before, especially in an assisted living setting.

Aids in attracting and welcoming prospective and new residents

With its benefits are taken as a whole, senior living digital signage can be used as a clout for making your facility more attractive to first-time visitors and new residents. With it in place, you’ll be able to prove how streamlined and optimized the communications and other processes involved in your entire community is. Use this to your advantage as you conduct regular tours, virtual or otherwise, of your facility.  


Digital Signage for Senior Care Providers

Allows you to nurture education and training in your community

Education never stops, all the more so for healthcare providers. Our digital signages tailor to the training needs of your staff. We anticipated that they will require continuous education over time, considering the transitory nature of healthcare-related fields as a whole. Senior care is no exception, and our signages are adaptable enough to support training-based applications, too. 

Decreases the overall cost of running the facility

And as far as assisted living operators are concerned, this is an almost always welcome benefit. It’s not just a matter of staff cost reductions as well since these digital signages can also serve to replace additional expenses your facility incurs in boosting entertainment channels in your facility. Without a doubt, this pro applies to resources you might use up for educating your staff and residents. 

Opens up opportunities for you to market to your residents

For example, you can use the profound power of our digital signages to seize attention and introduce any referral programs you might have at present to your residents. Pretty much any kind of promotion can be done with its help, and you can exercise your creativity as to how you will present them. Of course, this only spares you from the need to purchase extra marketing materials to fulfill your purposes.

Fosters harmony and happiness in the entire community

Think of these signages as the glue that can strengthen the bond of your facility. If not that, then just regard it as a web that reinforces your community’s foundations. After all, with their benefits working in great synergy, you will have an easier time connecting with everyone. Cohesion is the best word to use in this case, and as long as your facility has plenty of it, it’s bound to continue to grow over time. 


Clearly, the benefits of senior living digital signages are as varied as they are innovative. But ultimately, what makes them valuable is that these advantages are comprehensive — benefiting the entire community to the point that it, without a doubt, takes it to the next level. With this in mind, would you still be willing for you and your residents to miss out on them?