Making more sales is the ultimate dream and goal of every business. As you may have found out already, that remains easier said than done. However, that changes with our round-up of the latest eCommerce marketing strategies, many of which we’ve used as a digital marketing service to great success for our clients. Have your pick below. 

1) Craft a content strategy 

Content remains king and makes up one of the best eCommerce trends 2022. In this regard, you’ll want to: 

  • Identify your buyer persona
  • Research and choose content channels
  • Build a content calendar, reflecting your consumers’ journeysDiversify on social 

This remains a tough sell but it helps not to put all your eggs in one basket. Of course, you’ll need good social media analytics tools, and a digital marketing company for eCommerce to show you the ropes. 

2) Personalize with a CRM

Make your business feel more like a friend. Use a CRM to keep tabs on customer information to make your email and other marketing strategies and copy hard-hitting. 

3) Embrace contextual marketing

Timing is everything when it comes to eCommerce success. With the right context marketing, aided by personalized data, you’re guaranteed to increase sales. 

4) Optimize your landing page

For your landing page be sure to: 

  • Run A/B tests constantly 
  • Provide value above the fold
  • Make page load optimal

Our digital marketing services can help you create landing pages that sell. 

5) Up your CTA game 

To make your CTA outstanding, be sure to color your CTA button differently than the rest of the page, and include strong action verbs. If possible, include your unique selling point right on the button. 

6) Capitalize on FOMO

The fear of missing out can be an excellent motivator, so include time-limited sales or promotions ever so often to pump extra incentive for sales.  

7) Rope in users

Asking your audience to submit content for giveaway competitions explaining what they love about your product is one way to get user-generated content. This type of marketing is one of the best eCommerce strategies to boost interaction & generate buzz. 

8) Reward loyalty 

Want to keep consumers coming back for more? Then sweeten the pot with amazing loyalty programs. Some great ideas include: 

  • Birthday Discounts
  • Bonus purchases
  • Reward points, etc. 

9) Speak their language

If your eCommerce store has a global presence, selling to foreign customers in their native languages is an excellent eCommerce trend to adopt. Fortunately, many eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce for instance, provide ready-made translation features.

10) Examine your checkout

eCommerce marketing 101: If at first you don’t succeed, A/B test and test again. Regularly review & rework your checkout process to reduce cart abandonment rates, which stand at a mind-boggling 69% average in 2022. 

11) Go mobile 

Mobile alone was responsible for over 54% of 2021’s site traffic worldwide. So you want to turn to a reputable eCommerce service for SEO to make your website cross-platform friendly. 

12) Test with social ads

On Facebook, for instance, you can send out a bunch of ads, and get feedback on the most popular one of the bunch. This in turn enables you to target your advertising in line with your market’s prevailing interests.

13) Make your logo epic 

How does your logo affect sales? Well, it’s your business chance at a first impression. With the right logo design services, you can make your business stand out and feel trustworthy and friendly. 

14) Rally a community

Most consumers turn to online communities like Quora for product search queries. Position your business as an authority and an option by answering your markets’ needs on these platforms. 

15) Think local 

If you also have a brick-and-mortar store to complement your eCommerce store, local search engine targeting is a great way to get more traffic to your establishment. 

16) Show them how 

Video marketing is a huge part of the latest eCommerce marketing strategies in 2022, and it’s a great option for how-to tutorials showcasing your products. 

17) Make more of your FAQ 

Does your eCommerce website have an FAQ? Sweet! This is the place to low-key demonstrate company culture, and tackle your customer’s pains while creatively selling your USPs. 

 18) Fashion email newsletters 

Dish out entertaining and informative content via email newsletters, featuring any awards you have won, or the latest industry news. The attention will find a way back to your sales.

19) Incentivize product reviews 

Product reviews give new leads certainty about your products or services. You’d be surprised how much a rating system of some sort can galvanize sales when well executed. 

20) Seek out content partners

Guest blogging is an eCommerce marketing strategy that helps you cut corners. Pitch to medium to small-sized blogs to increase the chances of your submissions getting accepted, and riding off an established web presence. 

21) Get a Chatbot

It’s impossible to have staff on stand-by to nurture leads round-the-clock. For this, you’ll want a live chat module or a chatbot to qualify new leads long after your business has retired for the day. 

22) Invest in SEO services

Keyword research and more make up vital pillars of eCommerce for SEO. It’s impossible to succeed if you don’t invest in on-page and off-page SEO services to enhance your search visibility. 

23) Never miss an upsell 

Many eCommerce stores have found success by cross-selling and upselling. When upselling be sure that: 

  • Your upsells are related to the first purchase
  • It makes better financial sense compared to a single offer

24) Drop a text 

7 in 10 consumers attest to the effectiveness of promotional SMS messages, with multimedia texts gunning higher CTRs. So embrace text message campaigns as well. 

25) Glance into the future with data

Keep your eye on the prize. Pay attention to social media trends, geographic validation, and keyword research, among other metrics that could present lucrative opportunities to anticipate demand & expand your product line.  

26) Avail social login

Many of the best-selling eCommerce services do this to reduce friction, particularly for your checkout process, where you’ll want to provide social login so new customers can get around tedious form filling.  

27) Switch subject lines

Reworking your subject lines for unopened emails might just finally get you that clickthrough. Be sure to use automation tools that let you keep track of email open rates. 

28) Make popups count

Banners and popups may have a bad rep, but they do work. These become particularly useful for injecting urgency into your limited offers. 

29) Strengthen your brand with GIFs

GIFs, alongside rich infographics and videos, can make your products and business memorable and take you head and shoulders above the rest. You can use GIFs on your: 

  • Landing pages
  • Product pages
  • Blogposts
  • Social media posts
  • Emails and more. 

30) There’s more where these strategies came from

There you have it, a candid compilation of our insider eCommerce marketing strategies that have helped businesses just like yours to a fortune. With the right combination of strategies, you too can reap the profits you desire. If you need help creating a niche-specific eCommerce strategy that sells, Genexod is at your service. Schedule a call now.