Time and money, it goes without saying, are two things businesses can’t get enough of. Naturally, business owners will always be drawn to reliable strategies that will allow them to leverage both. Obviously, that’s easier said than done, as there are only ever a handful of methods that fall under that lofty category. 

With all its benefits considered, it’s safe to say that Marketing Automation is one of them. After all, being able to perform everyday tasks without any extra effort serves as a guarantee. Want to know how Digital Marketing Automation can do this for businesses? These seven methods will prove as much.

    1. Automate your emails, social media posts, voicemails, and SMS. 

The most compelling advantage of a Marketing Automation Service stems largely from, of course, its ability to automate plenty of the steps you need to take on a regular basis. 

Sending text messages and emails and posting on socials are all necessary tasks every marketer should perform. However, many will admit that it can take a toll on your time and energy, especially if you have to do it consistently. 

  • Automating these essential tasks not only helps you save time but many Marketing Automation Platforms can actually be tailored in such a way that they’ll help you convert leads better, too.
  • You also get plenty of freedom when it comes to setting the best, specific times to send emails, voicemails, texts, etc.
  • Once properly and optimally set up, these automation tools assume a set-and-forget pattern before long — of course, until you end and launch a new marketing campaign. 
  • Reminder emails serve as a proven example of how automated emails can keep your audience engaged and encourage repeat transactions. 

This is undoubtedly the most direct way in which marketing automation helps marketers in saving time and even optimizing their campaigns. 

     2. Contact leads automatically the moment they appear. 

We all know marketers always have a tough time staying on top of not only lead generation but conversion as well. The most potent way in which automation helps in this regard is by allowing marketers to respond to leads in a near-instant manner. 

  • Imagine being able to get in touch with every lead by receiving notifications that one is present and being able to automatically make a phone call with him or her. That much is possible in some automation services.

In the end, this is all about ensuring you won’t miss out on leads, which, in turn, should give your enterprise a good first impression.

   3. Use automation to show that you care about your customers’ satisfaction.  

It’s not only the sending of emails and texts that you can automate because other platforms also allow you to reach out to your audience with the intent of getting to know their overall experience with your products or services. 

  • For example, you can automate the sending of surveys to your email list or social media followers. Don’t hold back in offering a discount or two for anyone who chooses to answer them!

You’ll basically be hitting plenty of birds with one stone here. For one, you’ll know more invaluable insights about your clients with the help of the surveys. It will also give a strong impression on your clients that you really care about them and will appreciate you for it (as well as the goodies you happen to send their way!

    4. Automated voicemails make your life even easier. 

As we all know, voicemails have always been a marketer’s best friend since they allow you to conveniently inform your audience and even make conversions without having to talk to them face-to-face. 

Well, it gets even better once we throw automation in the mix. Why? It’s really all about, again, reducing the efforts you need to take when sending these voicemails further, besides being able to expand their reach. After all, there are tools that let you automatically send ringless voicemails to all your contacts.

    5. Plan and schedule the way you share content. 

Content marketing overlaps with some forms of marketing automation. This is evident in how certain platforms allow you to set up the exact, best time to create and share content.

  • The time factor is crucial in content marketing and being able to share high-quality content at the most precise moments basically allows marketers to enjoy more, better leads. 
  • This, in turn, gives you more insights and much-needed data about your customers, which you can use to improve your campaigns — all without having to spend extra resources for it!

   6. Use automation to improve user segmentation.

Segmentation is important because it allows you to better personalize the content that you’re creating. How exactly can automation contribute to this essential aspect? 

  • Well, as you already know, automation allows you to target certain customers through platforms such as social media, emails, and even your business website. This hyperfocus allows you to better understand your customers.
  • This insight, in turn, paves the way to segmentation or personalization, which will only enhance the way you perform your campaigns.

Of course, more chances of success only mean being able to save time and financial resources in the long run. 

    7. Enjoy other features that synergize well with automation.

What’s wonderful about automation software is that they’re often developed in such a way that it’ll fit well with other aspects of marketing. We don’t need to look further than what we, at Genexod, offer.

  • Besides automating texts, emails, and posts, our all-in-one software allows you to start conversations with leads and keep track of them, manage your online reputation, and create custom surveys. 
  • We also include analytics that greatly complements the automation perks. After all, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights about your campaigns’ performance, appointment rates, and response rates with its help. 

It can never be denied. Presently, marketing automation serves as the key to any online marketing campaign’s success. You may argue that some marketers can achieve positive results even without its help. However, chances are, these are cases that are almost always working on a suboptimal level. 

Considering the need to make the most out of every opportunity in the field of business, can you, as a marketer, say it straight that you’ll be embarking on campaigns that are just “good enough”?