Your senior care or assisted living facility grows when you get more residents, and you hire more staff. It also works the other way. To grow your facility, you need to get more residents and you need to hire and retain more nurses, caretakers, and administrators.

Both the ends of the spectrum require better management. Just as you need to keep your residents happy, satisfied, and healthy, you need a system to schedule your staff faultlessly, reward them for good work and hold them accountable when their work is not up to the mark. 

Manually monitoring these aspects can be daunting and can be replete with errors and mistakes. Software, on the other hand, once coded properly, never makes such mistakes. Whether you are managing 5 people or 5000 people, if your software works well for 5 individuals, it works equally well for 5000 individuals. If it works well for one data point, it works well for 10 data points.

What sort of software should you go for? What should be its key features? Should you go for an exclusive assisted-living resident management software or you can use generic software tools?

Frankly, there is no dearth of software solutions these days and you can mix and match various options. But then, your data will reside in silos (in their own software solutions) and you will be spending lots of time juggling between different software solutions and mobile apps. 

An assisted-living resident management software on the other hand gives you everything you need to efficiently manage your assisted-living or senior living facility. Take for example the Assisted Living Software from Genexod. It gives you integrated communications, staff scheduling, and management, unimpeachable insights, charting modules, error-free assessment, appointments management, payroll, and much more.

Listed below are 7 key features that you get in a proficient assisted-living software specifically developed keeping facilities like yours in mind.

1. Resident management

Your senior or assisted living facility exists to provide a comfortable living environment to the residents. It is your job to use everything you have got to keep them happy, comfortable and as healthy as possible. A resident management solution can be of great help.

For example, you can use an electronic form (operated through connected mobile devices) to gather vital information on your residents regarding their checkups, current health conditions, the medicines they are taking, physician and hospital visits, symptoms, various incidents such as falling or feeling ill at ease, preferred eating options, contact details and nurses and caretakers that have been taking care of them.

This module also includes invoicing and payment tracking for fixed monthly costs as well as variable charges based on the various facilities used. This way, you can improve your bottom line while keeping your residents happy and satisfied.

2. Access vital modules and data anywhere, anytime

Managing a senior living facility is a 24 x 7 job. This is because life doesn’t take breaks during weekends and after office hours. You may suddenly need to access data on a senior resident. You may suddenly need to reschedule your staff. You may suddenly need to broadcast an urgent message. 

A cloud-based senior living software that can be operated from a mobile phone, laptop or PC, can be of great help.

It is not just the administrative part of the senior living software that must be accessible to you, even your staff members, the residents, as well as their family members, must also have access to the vital information through the dashboards. They can log in remotely and obtain the needed information or carry out their scheduling responsibilities from their own login areas.

3. Staff scheduling for a single or multiple assisted-living facilities

Seamless staff scheduling is vital to not just the functioning of your senior or assisted-living facility, but it is also important for the safety and health of your residents. The integrated staff management and scheduling module in the Genexod Assisted Living Software allows you to manage your staff proficiently whether you are managing a single facility from your dashboard or multiple facilities. You can reschedule. You can reshuffle. You can quickly make arrangements in case one of the staff members is unable to turn up. You can broadcast important messages to your staff members. You can assign the right nurse or the right caretaker to the right resident. You can obtain real-time information on who is taking care of whom. You can track shift hours and overtime and compensate your staff members accordingly. It also becomes easier to reward good work and make amends in case there are some shortcomings. Particular staff members can be managed for multiple facilities.

4. Centrally available, real-time data

Although it has been repeated so many times that it has become a cliché, information is power and there is unprecedented intelligence in data. With the Genexod senior living software, real-time information about your senior living facility is at your fingertips, literally. Whether you’re using a mobile phone or PC, you can immediately log into your dashboard and obtain data about staff scheduling, physician appointments, medication, resident feedback, payroll, compliances, face sheet data, residency plans, appointments, and practically every bit of information you need to run your assisted-living facility with efficiency.

5. Provide world-class care to your assisted-living residents

Your senior residents rely on you. Their health, and even their life, depends on how well you can manage your senior living facility and the Assisted Living Software by Genexod gives you all the tools you need to manage your facility from a 360° angle. Assign the best possible caretakers and nurses to the residents. Monitor their health round-the-clock. Keep track of their appointments and nutritional intake.  Use the AI modules to provide the residents and their loved ones the most appropriate information. Keep a close watch on their day-to-day activities. Have the ability to communicate with all the stakeholders just when it matters. Keep your infrastructure up-to-date and up to the mark. Keep your staff well organized and well-compensated for all the effort they make. Overall, you can create a vibrant and efficient atmosphere and consequently, provide world-class care to your assisted-living residents.

Service and incident logs help you develop intelligence on individual residents so that you can tailor the care you provide to them for greater satisfaction. Whether the incidents are just a few days old or go way back into a few months, you can easily find them and share them with family members as well as with the state.

6. Compliance at its best

It is very important that you have a compliance program in place to make sure that your assisted-living facility does not run into administrative roadblocks as well as health-related problems. Full compliance is also needed for insurance purposes, both for your facility as well as individual residents. The Genexod Assisted Living Software helps you generate real-time compliance reports so that your staff doesn’t have to deal with piles of paper for state reporting.

7. Greater collaboration across-the-board

Communication, scheduling, coordination, and monitoring must go hand-in-hand for better care. The Residents Management Software from Genexod allows automatic as well as manual communication among staff members, nurses, and caretakers, residents, administrators as well as family members. Custom and template-based reports can be generated instantly. Maintain a real-time roaster. Manage appointments on the fly. Communicate with your staff using multiple devices and multiple modes. Manage your entire infrastructure across multiple senior living facilities. It has a low learning curve so you can start leveraging from the software practically from day one.