How do senior living digital solutions help you increase your senior living occupancy? You can use digital solutions to both increase your efficiency and standard of living and to market your ability to provide the best possible living conditions in your region. In this regard, staff scheduling software, artificial intelligence solutions, solutions for sending out emergency notifications, something like a PayTime tracker to accurately track the number of hours being put by your staff members and compensating them accordingly, digital signage solutions, and various other assisted-living software tools, can certainly help you in a big way.

The Covid-19 outbreak has posed unprecedented challenges to businesses all over the world and even the senior living and assisted living facilities haven’t been left untouched. The virus is highly contagious, and it affects seniors with greater severity compared to younger individuals. Hence, seniors and their families are more cautious. Many seniors have been moved from assisted living facilities, back to their homes with families and loved ones.

During such circumstances, how do you increase your senior living occupancy? Covid-19 doesn’t seem to be going away in the near future. In fact, newer variants are appearing in the UK and other countries at the time of writing this. In many regions where the lockdowns had been eased, they are being imposed again. This is a challenge, and this is also an opportunity.

One of the best ways of increasing your senior living occupancy is to find the strongest reasons why your residents choose to come to your facility in the first place and then using all the digital marketing tools available to you to communicate those reasons to as many people as possible.

Listed below are some digital technology solutions that can help you increase your senior living occupancy not just during Covid-19, but also in comparatively normal times.

Take your efficiency to a new level with assisted living resident management software (RMS)

Such software gives you a single-point solution from where you can minutely monitor all the activities going on within a single or multiple facility setup. Take for example compliance. Not complying with federal health laws can put your operations in jeopardy. You know that and hence, lots of your resources – both in terms of infrastructure as well as manpower – go into tracking and adhering to regulatory compliances. The RMS makes remaining compliant a breeze. An RMS has built-in features that enable your staff members to run deficiency-free state compliance through all the aspects of the senior living facility.

The RMS is a complete solution or rather a workhorse that gives you everything you need to run your senior living facility. Some of the stellar features include official resident management, staff management, lead capturing, reminders and notifications, timely alerts, appointment management, health assessment, charting, and face sheets that are automatically updated. From resident management to assessment tracking to scheduling to high-grade reporting, an RMS gives you everything. A better run assisted-living resident facility attracts more residents.

Manage your staff accurately with the staff scheduling software

Your efficient staff is the backbone of your senior living facility. Basically, there are 2 pillars of your senior living business: your staff and its residents. What experience your residents have with your staff is a big deciding factor in whether the number of residents in your facility increases or decreases. The better you manage your staff, the greater is the number of residents you’re going to have.

Efficient staff management requires multipronged communication capabilities. Whether you have a permanent staff or shift-based staff, it is important that crucial bits of information are exchanged in a timely manner. Having real-time data with your facilities real-time planning without hiccups and without mixups. For example, if there are certain changes, automatic notifications can be triggered.

An efficient staff scheduler helps you assign the right caregivers and nurses to the right residents and quickly find replacements in case a particular caregiver or a particular nurse is predicted to be unavailable. It functions in a collaborative environment. The best thing about a staff scheduling software tool is that you are never in the dark. Your residents are never left unattended. They get the best possible care from the most dedicated and informed caregivers and nurses. This in turn increases your residence occupancy.

Provide instant answers through an AI-enabled communication tool

Quickly providing answers to the most pressing questions is one of the surest ways of increasing your senior living occupancy. An artificial intelligence solution like LUCI takes care of all the interactions that happen on your website (or mobile app) while you take care of pursuing new leads and serving the residents that you already have. It immediately increases your conversion rate. It learns from the experience that it gains while interacting with your visitors and users. The benefit of using an AI-enabled communication tool or chat bot is that whether it is just one person seeking answers from you or 1000 people at the same time, you can provide them the answers with the same level of efficiency, increasing your conversion rate manifold in the process.

Keep your staff happy and well-organized

A well-organized staff certainly helps you increase your senior living occupancy because it enhances your overall efficiency and at the same time keeps your attendants, nurses, and residents happy.

A software tool like PayTime Tracker can help you streamline your communication, tracking time, paying your employees and generating most precise reports for data analysis and performance tracking. You can automate routine manual tasks. Manage time well. Access records over months and years. Connect attendance time with payroll so that your staff members can be paid appropriately.

The cloud-based Time Clock Paytime Time Tracker syncs data from all the connected devices in real time so that you always have up-to-date information with you. The changes are automatically adjusted and reflected throughout your setup so there is no scope for confusion. Automatic notifications can be triggered for clock-ins and clock-outs and payroll adjustments can be made for exceeded hours.

Spend more time taking care of your residents and less time worrying about how to take care of your staff. This is the sure-shot way of increasing the occupancy at your senior living and assisted living facility.

Manage crisis before it escalates with a high-tech notification system

The crisis can be a part of life at a senior living facility but the initial few minutes or even a few seconds can be very crucial. You need a  notification system that acts extremely fast and allows your residents and staff members to reach the right person in the shortest possible time.

With the RMS – ENS senior living solution emergency messages can be relayed to staff members, family members, the management of the facility, and to all other people who can play a crucial role during the crisis. You can send emergency messages to large groups, selected groups, or individuals.

The solution can also be used for sending out messages to internal staff and residents. The recipients of the message can acknowledge in real-time.

This improves the overall efficiency of your senior and assisted living facility. Many crisis situations can be averted. The residents feel well taken care of. With timely information, your staff members can act swiftly and take control of the situation before it goes out of hand. Happier residents mean more word-of-mouth publicity and more recommendations, increasing your occupancy as a result.

Keep your residents and staff members informed with digital signage

You can install TV screens in the individual rooms of your residents, at crucial points, or at public places at your assisted living facility so that important messages can be broadcast. This helps you keep your staff members and residents informed. You can inform them about the day’s menu. You can welcome your guests. You can broadcast birthday greetings. You can broadcast educational multimedia content to keep your residents informed and aware.

Digital solutions, combined or in their individual capacities, can significantly improve the living experience of your residents, creating for them an overall joyous atmosphere that keeps them healthy and engaged. You can maintain an environment where residents want to stay and don’t want to leave. They also want their other senior friends to join so that they can spend together quality time. This opens the floodgates to practically unending occupancy.